Beastie Boys 2007 Tour Photos


Beastie Boys 2007 Tour Photos

Percussionist Alfredo Ortiz

Beastie Boys Stage Shot

From left: monitor engineer Sean Sturge, FOH tech Dan Klocker, stage-left P.A. tech Demetrius Moore, stage-right P.A. tech Bryan Procuk and monitor tech Patrick Lavelle

Guitar/keyboard tech Timmy Chunks

The Eighth Day Sound–supplied P.A. system comprises 14 V-DOSCs on top with 12 d&B B2 subs per side. Sidefills are a d&b B2 sub and a d&b M2 per side.

Percussionist Alfredo Ortiz’s mic collection includes seven Shure Beta 98s, a Beta 91, two SM81s and two SM58s.

Beastie Boys MCA (Adam Yauch)

Bass/percussion tech Aaron "Bucky" Broderick

According to drum tech Phil “Big Daddy” Dannemann, Mike D’s drum kit mics include a Beyer M88, a Shure Beta 91, two SM57s, an AKG 451, three Shure Beta 98s, two AKG C-414s, a Sennheiser 409 and an SM81.

Beastie Boys' drum tech Phil "Big Daddy" Dannemann

Ad-Rock’s main guitar is a Gibson Melody Maker and his backup is a custom Fender. He is using an Ampeg Reverberocket with an SM57 mic on it. On his stage setup, on the Plexiglas table, he has a Korg synth/vocoder, Maxxon analog delay and a custom mute switch. His footpedals include a Boss PH-2 Super Phaser, Ultra-Harmonix Little Big Muff and Pulsar, Dunlop Crybaby wah, Boss DD-3 digital delay, Dunlop volume pedal and a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner.

Money Mark Nishita’s setup comprises a Korg CX-3 organ, clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Moog Voyager, Farfisa and a Korg synth EA-1; his amp is an Ampeg Reverberocket.

Beastie Boys' Money Mark Nishita (left) and Alfredo Ortiz