Cheap Trick 2011 Tour Gallery


Cheap Trick 2011 Tour Gallery

Cheap Trick FOH engineer Mark Gustafson at the Midas XL3000

MXR Phase 100 at FOH, used on Rick Nielsen’s guitar for ”Downed” and across Nielsen’s and bassist Tom Petersson’s backing vocals to “push them out there”

The channel layout for the 18-piece orchestra section

FOH mixer Bill Kozy, an analog “sound guy” through and through

Cheap Trick classic effects

Cheap Trick vocals across the board

We can assume that the star is for Robin Zander

Seven channels for drums

The modified Bellari RP583 into the dbx 160 helps to define the Robin Zander vocal

Chandler Zener in FOH engineer Mark Gustafson’s rack, used across orchestra

FOH engineer Bill Kozy is a huge Chandler fan, here showing off his FOH traveling rack

A comfortable FOH position at L.A.’s Greek Theatre, with room for two mixers and two boards

Monitor engineer Tim Franquist at his own Midas XL3000

Chandler TG1 at monitors, used primariily across drums and orchestra

The taped-together kick drum mic solution: Shure KSM137 and SM57

The stage, all set and ready for the band on the first floor, orchestra and choir on the second

The qunitessential dbx rack

More Chandler gear, along with Robin Zander’s Sennheiser 2000 wireless rig

Sennheiser wireless for all