AES 2010: JBL MSC1 Control Center Software

This software allows Mac users to take advantage of the JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller’s speaker tuning and software-controlled features.

The MSC1 Monitor System Controller provides features found in the monitor section of professional mixing consoles including input source selectors, a large volume control and the ability to listen to two sets of speakers and a connected subwoofer. Control Center Software for Mac allows adjustment of MSC1 speaker-alignment delay, EQ and settings for a connected subwoofer. The Mac software gives access to the MSC1’s RMC™ Room Mode Correction system that tunes speakers. MSC1 Control Center Software runs on any Power PC or Intel Macintosh computer with Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard operating system (OS or greater).

The MSC1 Monitor System Controller provides the ability to monitor up to three 2-channel input sources, such as a mixing console, computer workstation and personal music player while controlling the volume of the monitor system and connected headphones. The MSC allows connection of two sets of speakers and a subwoofer. The subwoofer output has its own level control and selectable crossover settings to blend a sub with the “A” speakers. The “B” speaker outputs allow connection of a second set of studio monitors.

The Macintosh software will be offered on a CD-ROM included with the MSC1 Monitor System Controller and can be downloaded at the end of November from the JBL Professional Website. Find out more aout the MSC1.

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