Bock iFet Condenser Microphone

photo of Bock iFet

With the new Bock iFet phantom-powered condenser microphone ($2,150 MSRP), which TransAudio Group introduced at Winter NAMM 2014, manufacturing engineer David Bock once again captured the unmistakable tone of a cherished vintage microphone in a thoroughly modern design. The Bock iFet condenser mic is said to possess the sonic soul of a classic Neumann Fet 47 while offering more modern specifications, including deeper bass and higher high frequency reproduction.

The iFet also features two completely separate amplifier circuits. The first circuit uses one FET and four transformers to beautifully capture high-SPL sources, such as drums and electric guitar. The second circuit uses one FET only and is ideally suited for quieter sources, such as voice. The two-circuit design effectively doubles the size of the Bock iFet’s sonic palette.

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