InfoComm 2010: AKG 99er Microphone

The new line—which comprises the CGN99, CHM99, CBL99, CK99 and the DGN99 —incorporates components from AKG products such as the capsule of the C542 BL boundary layer microphone and the acoustical components of the discreet gooseneck range. All of the microphones are equipped with proper RF shielding.

The condenser gooseneck range includes the CGN99 C/S, CGN99 C/L, CGN99 H/S and CGN99 H/L, which provide cardioid or hypercardioid polar patterns and can come on a short or long gooseneck stand. Also included in the 99er range is the CHM99 hanging microphone on a 10m twist-free cable and is available in either black or white.

The CBL99 compact boundary-layer microphone has a high sensitivity and a wide frequency range, and is optimised for use as a low-profile desktop microphone.

The CK99 lavalier microphone features a cardiod pickup pattern, and the DGN99 is a rugged, versatile microphone designed for all paging purposes. The DGN99 is also available on a desk stand with a PTT switch as the DST 99 S.

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