InfoComm 2010: AKG DMM 4/2/4

Featured as a studio version of the DMM 4/2/2, the DMM 4/2/4 is designed with a unique and effective mixing algorithm that gives it the flexibility to handle nearly any mixing application.

The DMM 4/2/4 comes with four microphone and two stereo aux inputs, intelligent mixing algorithms with a noise-sensitive threshold to prevent accidental activation of input channels, and a digital signal processor with a dbx compressor. Each channel on the processor offers switchable gain, switchable phantom power and an incremental level control with peak hold display, and each system comes with an expansion connector that allows multiple mixers to be linked together for larger audio setups. All functions are run through incremental controls on the front panel, which use the intuitive central control concept, similar to the DMM 4/2/2.

The mixing algorithm also includes a “Last Mic On” function and a “Best Mic On” function, using shiny blue LEDs to alert the user of both. Other new features that were not present in the predecessor include a headphone output and a PC interface, with remote-control software that will be available shortly.

Find out more about the DMM 4/2/4.

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