InfoComm 2010: dbx Media Engine for SC Digital Matrix Processors

As a factory option, the Media Engine brings cost-effective, Flash-based, multichannel playback of stored media to the SC 32 (pictured) and SC 64.

The SC Media Engine comprises a DSP card and 1 GB of Flash storage. This allows storage of media files on the SC device itself for subsequent routing and playback. The Media Engine facilitates simultaneous playback of up to eight channels of stored media and a total storage time of around two hours. By integrating the media playback into the SC and leveraging the sharing of the SC chassis and components, the functionality of an external playback device can be obtained more easily and at a fraction of the cost.

Media playback can be triggered from dbx ZC Controllers, Control Inputs, HiQnet System Architect™ Custom Control Panels and third-party control systems. It can also be scheduled through the HiQnet System Architect Scheduler function, either from a schedule running on a control PC or a schedule running on an SC device itself.

Find out more about the SC 32 and SC 64.

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