InfoComm 2010: Denon DN-F450R, DN-F650R



The DN-F450R and DN-F650R solid-state audio recorders offer stable and reliable solid-state media technology as the source medium. Both products are able to record and read MP3 files and uncompressed WAV files to and from SD or SDHC cards. (The DN-F650R records to USB drives as well.)

Housed in a compact 1U-rackspace enclosure, the DN-F650R has RS-232c and USB keyboard control; a full host of inputs and outputs from AES/EBU to balanced XLR I/O; and playback features includes ±12-percent pitch control. Additionally, the optional RC-F400 Remote Controller features a large LCD and enhances the DN-F650’s capability by providing an ergonomically designed, intuitive control unit for instant playback of audio or audio elements (sound effects) via its hot-buttons.

The DN-F450R is a 1RU, half-rackspace unit that features balanced/unbalanced inputs and is also controllable via RS-232c and GPIO.

Find out more about the DN-F450R and DN-F650R.

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