InfoComm 2010: JBL Control 60 Series

The Control 60 Series loudspeakers encompasses four models: the Control 62P ultracompact, mid-high satellite pendant speaker; the Control 65P/T compact, full-range pendant speaker; the Control 67P/T extended, full-range pendant speaker; and the Control 67HC/T narrow, 75-degree coverage, high-ceiling pendant speaker.

All Control 60 Series models (except the Control 62P) incorporate JBL’s patent-pending conical RBI Radiation Boundary Integrator technology, which combines a large-diameter, high-frequency waveguide with low-frequency projection apertures that work in tandem to provide a seamless integration of coverage between the two coaxially mounted drivers.

The Control 62P’s 2-inch driver is great for speech and mid-high music applications. For full-range, wide-bandwidth performance, up to four pieces can be driven from a Control 50S/T or 40CS/T subwoofer. The Control 62P can also intermix with Control 52 surface-mount and Control 42C in-ceiling satellite speakers.

The Control 65P/T incorporates JBL’s RBI technology to provide very consistent, wide coverage throughout the listening space. It offers 120-degree conical coverage, a 5¼-inch (130mm) woofer with a silk-dome tweeter, and comes with a 60W multi-tap transformer.

The Control 67P/T incorporates a large enclosure and high-power 8-inch (200mm) transducer for extended bass and high-fidelity performance. The extra-large Radiation Boundary Integrator provides outstanding pattern control, which can allow fewer speakers to cover a venue. It features 120-degree conical coverage with extended bass, an 8-inch (200mm) woofer with a silk-dome tweeter and a 60W multi-tap transformer.

The Control 67HC/T’s well-controlled narrow coverage is ideal for improved voice intelligibility and musical clarity in high-ceiling venues or in rooms with difficult acoustics. The Control 67HC/T also features well-controlled, 75-degree coverage for clarity in high-ceiling and reverberant locations. It contains an 8-inch (200mm) woofer with a silk-dome tweeter, a 60W multi-tap transformer and a high sensitivity of 93 dB.

All Control 60 Series loudspeakers are available in black or white.

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