InfoComm 2010: Symetrix Jupiter

Jupiter is a turnkey audio processing platform drawing its
inspiration from the apps paradigm of smartphones like Apple's iPhone. Jupiter hardware is available in three versions differing only in their input/output counts.

The free software used to configure Jupiter hardware runs on the Windows operating system. Within the main application shell, a user selects the desired app. The selected apps main screen presents a view of the overall signal flow and processing modules. Clicking on a module reveals a concise graphic representation of complex audio processing that is easily understood.

Jupiter apps are built from an extensive library of signal processors including gain sharing and gating auto-mixers, matrix mixers, feedback fighters, ambient SPL computers and filters (including FIR), to name just a few.

The Jupiter hardware configurations match up with specific system
input/output requirements: Jupiter 4 is four in and four out; Jupiter 8 is eight in and eight out; while Jupiter 12 provides 12 inputs and four
outputs. All inputs are software-selectable for line- or mic-levels with
phantom power. Supported external controllers include Symetrix ARC wall panels, binary or analog control voltage inputs and outputs, and IP control of virtually all app parameters.

Find out more about Symetrix Jupiter.

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