MXL CR77 Dynamic Microphone

photo of MXL CR77

MXL Microphones announces the release of its new CR77 Live Stage Dynamic Vocal Microphone at Winter NAMM 2014. The CR77 is the latest addition to the CR Series microphones that boast matte black bodies with black chrome accents. It is the first dynamic microphone in the series and the first mic of its kind developed by MXL.

The MXL CR77 design emphasizes clear, vibrant sound. Behind the grille, an integrated foam windscreen filters out plosives and background noise while the super cardioid polar pattern rejects periphery noise. The CR77 features a built-in shock-mount to reduce noise from floor vibrations, allowing the singer to come in close to the mic while performing. The CR77’s construction is robust and heavy to withstand the rigors of the road.

The MXL CR77 is available now, packaged in an aluminum flight case with a cleaning cloth.

Find more information about the MXL CR77.

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