NAB 2010: DTS Neural UpMix, DTS-HD Master Audio Suite V. 2.5

At NAB, DTS will show its Neural UpMix, a new Pro Tools plug-in designed to upmix content to 5.1 and 7.1 channels, and the latest version of its audio-encoding suite, DTS-HD Master Audio Suite™ Version 2.5 (MAS 2.5).

Neural UpMix ($449) can output 5.1 or 7.1 multichannel audio tracks from stereo or 5.1 source material while preserving the spectral and timbral balance of the original mix. Mixing engineers will be able to upmix audio tracks on a scene-by-scene basis to create an immersive audio experience that can greatly enhance both standard 2-D and 3D Blu-ray soundtracks.

DTS–HD Master Audio Suite™ V. 2.5 ($1,495) features Folder-Based Batch Encoding for Blu-ray, DVD and online digital delivery. This new functionality automates the encoding process, enabling hundreds of audio encodes to be processed with just a few mouse clicks.

Neural UpMix™ by DTS, listed at $449.
DTS-HD Master Audio Suite v2.5, is listed at $1,495.

Find out more about Neural UpMix and DTS-HD Master Audio Suite.

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