NAB 2010: Globalstor FibreStor

A portable five-drive tower with a single 4GB host connection, FibreStor is geared for high-throughput professional audio applications, video editing, transporting data between facilities and other activities requiring a small, portable Fibre Channel storage solution.

Comprising five Enterprise Class SATA drives disk drives or optional Solid State Drives and a single 4Gbps Fibre Channel host interface, this desktop array offers a capacity of up to 10TB storage with more than 20 hours of uncompressed 10-bit HD video footage. FibreStor can support real-time HD and SD applications, including single 10-bit 1080i HD.

Globalstor features a processing rate of 400 MBps, fast RAID 5 striping technology and a sustained performance that reduces the disc array count from four to three. It performs exactly the same in redundant mode as non-redundant mode, so even if a drive were to fail, performance wouldn’t be impacted.

FibreStor has several levels of built-in redundancy, including a fail-safe RAID 5 disk array, which can be connected directly to Fibre Channel host bus adapters or switch equipment, SATA drive HotSwap even when I/Os are active, an LED drive mismatch warning when drives are removed and re-installed incorrectly, and RAIDWatch, which runs continually and silently in the background without impacting performance. In the case of a system crash, an auto-background drive can rebuild the storage topography in real time, even while users are working on a project.

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