NAB 2010: Primera Bravo Archive Series

The Bravo Archive Series disc publishers incorporate new recordable drives and media from Millenniata Inc. Usable life of recorded discs is projected at a 1,000 years or more. Instead of burning data into organic materials, Millenniata’s M-DISC media is constructed of stable, rock-like materials that are known to last for centuries. Once data is written to M-DISC media, it can be read back on current DVD drives. Both printable-surface and standard non-printable M-DISC media are available.

The included PTPublisher software makes it fast and easy to archive photos, videos, documents, audio and music, and virtually any other digital information. In addition, a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) is available at no charge.

The M-DISC-enabled version of Bravo SE sells for U.S $2,995 (MSRP). The M-DISC-enabled version of BravoPro Xi2 sells for U.S. $5,295. M-DISC media is priced at U.S. $22.95 per disc (MSRP).

Find out more about the Bravo Archive Series.

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