NAB 2010: Renegade Labs M16 Digital Edit Suite Audio Mixer

The new M16 Digital Suite Audio Mixer control surface for the company's stand-alone 328|MXE processing chassis accepts up to 32 input channels of analog, mic level, AES-format and SD/HD SDI signals, routing to eight analog and digital outputs; additional sets of outputs can be added in either analog, digital or SD/HD SDI-embedded formats.

Precision optical encoders along with soft-buttons provide control of mixer operations. A 240x64 status LCD shows mixer status information and handles system setup. An optional 640x240 color LCD provides detailed metering in PPM, VU, K-Meter and Surround Sound, with peak and phase indication. A USB port handles register storage and software upgrades.

Features include full 8-channel monitoring, including configurable matrix with Surround Sound modes and stereo downmix; built-in Preview Switcher allows for monitoring of Record machine without tying up faders; 16-button keypad matrix offers control of input assignments, output routing, monitor configurations and memory registers; 16 video frames of audio delay available; full 16-channel 3-band parametric equalizer along with integral dynamics processor; 100mm faders along with unity LEDs for smooth and precise level adjustments; dedicated pan pots for easy output panning; and program and preset buses.

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