NAB 2010: RTW TouchMonitor Series

The TouchMonitor TM7, a 7-inch touch screen, and the TouchMonitor TM9, a 9-inch touch screen, will make their debut at NAB 2010 (Booth C457).

This new audio metering series features a redesigned GUI that is equipped with a touch-sensitive, 16:9, high-resolution screen. This new screen also comes with an optional digital 3G SDI interface.

Controlled using a finger or a mouse, this feature offers users a new dimension of freedom for positioning and scaling individual instruments. For example, when multiple instruments of the same type are assigned to different input channels, they are displayed simultaneously and configured separately. With the introduction of the touch screen, an interactive, context-sensitive help feature will support the user by allowing quick and efficient configuration changes, all with the touch of a finger.

In addition, the TouchMonitor’s modular software components allow it to be customized so the user only purchases what is necessary. In addition, new instruments and functions can be added as software modules to the device at any time. Many display functions known from existing RTW products are available to choose from: the Surround Sound Analyzer, the Real-Time Analyzer (RTA), an ITU/EBU-compliant loudness meter and an intelligent ident analyzer. A true-peak meter is available as a software option, as well.

The TouchMonitor TM7 and the TouchMonitor TM9 handle input signals of various formats: analog, AES3 and AES3id. (TouchMonitor TM9 also accepts 3G SDI signals as an option.) All versions feature a LAN port, a VGA output for connecting external screens, GPIO interfaces and two USB ports.

Additionally, RTW has collaborated with Lawo to offer the new TouchMonitor range of products with ultra-flexible audio metering systems.

Shipment of the new TouchMonitor units is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Find out more about the TouchMonitor Series.

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