NAB 2010: Solid State Logic, Optocore Integration

With the SSL MADI I/O control protocol now integrated into Optocore’s topology, Solid State Logic C10 HD (pictured) and C100 HDS consoles can now transmit/receive up to 128 audio I/O channels over an Optocore optical digital network system.

In addition, users can remotely control the microphone preamplifiers in the 48-input Optocore LX4AP stagebox. Under the new implementation, SSL C10 HD and C100 HDS consoles will automatically identify, label and control any connected Optocore LX4AP stageboxes. Combining SSLs MORSE stageboxes with Optocore LX4AP stageboxes allows users to connect multiple consoles and stageboxes with full redundancy.

Find out more about the SSL C100 HD-S and SSL C10 HD, as well as Optocore.

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