NAB 2010: Telex RadioCom BTR-80N Narrow Band

The Telex RadioCom BTR-80N Narrow Band wireless intercom system provides 25 kHz of modulated bandwidth and inherits all the standard features of the BTR-800 system, including DSP digital processing, Intelligent Power Control and many others. The BTR-80N Narrow Band system offers up to four full-duplex wireless TR-80N or TR-82N beltpacks per base station. An unlimited number of additional beltpacks can be added in half-duplex operation.

Additional features include selectable transmitter power output, selectable receiver squelch control, RF meter display on base station and beltpack displays, remote battery indicators on base station display, low battery tone indicator on beltpack, and AC or DC power input on base station. The BTR-80N system can also operate simultaneously in 2-wire and 4-wire mode.

Find out more about the BTR-80N.

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