NAB 2011: Auralex MudGuard, Studiofoam Pro

Auralex’s MudGuard is the newest member of the ISO Series designed to help isolate monitors, amps, microphones and stands from hard surfaces and sound reflections. The MudGuard, ideal for voice-over booths, radio applications, ENG trucks and on-set ADR, features the company’s Studiofoam sound-absorbing acoustical foam, which helps to reduce excessive room ambience and off-axis sound.

It mounts easily to most microphone stands and clips, and has an adjustable height. Included hardware allows the microphone to be moved closer to the MudGuard for a more controlled sound. More open sound can be achieved by moving the microphone away from the MudGuard. 

The new SonoLite fabric-wrapped Studiofoam Pro panels (2-feet-by-2-feet-by-1 inch) are available in black or beige, with squared edges and provides an overall Noise Coefficient Rating (NRC) of 0.75. Price: $29.99 per panel.

NAB Booth #SL8810.

Find out more about the MudGuard. Find out more about Studiofoam Pro.

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