NAB 2011: Sanken Introduces New COS-11D HWM Miniature Head Worn Mic

Sanken Microphones is introducing at NAB (booth #C-3740) the new head worn COS-11D HWM, which uses the same miniature mic used extensively as a lavalier in feature films and TV. This ultra-miniature new generation microphone was designed for high-resolution audio and is now available for live stage productions, broadcast and houses of worship. The COS-11D HWM incorporates exclusive design advances that deal with both digital and digital/analog hybrid RF wireless transmission.

The COS-11D HWM is based on Sanken's vertical diaphragm design, optimized for the human voice and offers a stable, adjustable dual-earpiece frame. The MicBoom is interchangeable for the right or left side. It promises a strong immunity to RFI and is available in beige or cocoa.

Sanken recommends this new compact mic for major talent, stage singers, high-profile commentators, on-camera journalists, musical actors, and a wide variety of live performers. The new COS-11D HWM is said to be especially valuable when there is rigorous head movement, while the close proximity of the mic to the vocal source provides consistently exceptional audio with very natural characteristics.

Sanken uses an exclusive vertical placement of the diaphragm for a much greater effective area within an extremely small casing. The COS-11D HWM features a front mesh screen that is said to be water resistant, better protecting the microphone from perspiration and cosmetics.

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