NAB 2011: Shure Previews Axient Wireless System, Shotgun Mics, More

At this week's NAB show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Shure Incorporated of Niles, Ill., is introducing several new media production offerings, including four new professional shotgun microphones; the UR5 Portable Receiver and UR3 Plug-on Transmitter; and the VP68 omnidirectional wireless capsule.

Shure's new Axient wireless microphone system can automatically change frequencies, undetected by the user, to avoid interference. The Axient system employs several new technologies that work together to deliver interference-free audio in the most critical live broadcast, theater, music and corporate events. Its new features are designed to provide flawless RF performance, stellar audio quality and unparalleled user control.

Interference Detection and Avoidance detects RF interference and enables the system to move to a clear and compatible frequency in milliseconds, making even major interference undetectable. Frequency Diversity transmits full-bandwidth audio on two separate frequencies to ensure seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical channels, even in the face of direct RF interference. ShowLink remote control enables the user to make real-time remote adjustments from the receiver or a laptop, of transmitter settings like audio gain while the microphone is live. ShowLink remote control extends throughout the transmitter’s RF range. The Axient Spectrum Manager constantly scans the RF environment, performs frequency compatibility calculations to assign clear frequencies to each wireless transmitter. It also continuously monitors, ranks and deploys backup frequencies automatically.

Smart lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs have zero memory effect, and promise accurate battery life metering in hours and minutes, time remaining to full charge, and battery health. Wireless Workbench 6 is a new software interface that enables the Axient user to monitor and control the entire system. Wireless Workbench features a redesigned graphical user interface with enhancements that support advancements in performance and networkability that Axient offers.

Shure stated that the Axient Wireless microphone system will be available in mid-2011.

Shure is also previewing four new shotgun microphones. The new VP89 is available in three interchangeable lengths: long, medium, and short. The VP89 models (VP89/L, VP89/M, and VP89/S) are professional shotgun microphones for use in critical sound capture media production applications. Featuring superior Shure design and rugged, roadworthy construction, the versatile and lightweight VP89 models suit a variety of production needs.

Shure recommends the VP89/L for use during sporting events or field recording, as it targets sources of high volume over long distances. The VP89/M, offering a wider target aperture for higher ambience, is well suited for audience response, talk shows, and live concerts. The VP89/S is perfect for camera mounting and features a wide pickup angle for the highest ambience.

The compact and lightweight VP82 provides excellent off-axis rejection for use in sound capture and reinforcement in camera-mounted A/V media production applications. The VP82 also offers an integrated preamplifier design.

Pricing for the VP89/L, VP89/M, VP89/S, and VP82 shotgun microphones is TBD, and Shure states that all of the products will be available in summer 2011.

Shure is also previewing its new PSM 1000 Dual Channel Personal Monitor System, a full-rack professional monitoring system that is designed to integrate seamlessly with Shure Wireless Workbench (WWB) software. The Shure PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System promises top-quality audio and RF performance, networking connectivity with full WWB integration, and a true diversity-equipped low profile bodypack receiver.

Shure states that the new PSM 1000 system will be available in mid-2011.

Shure Incorporated is also previewing two new complementary components to its UHF-R Wireless Systems. The UR5 Portable Receiver and UR3 Plug-on Transmitter are designed to offer premium wireless audio technology to the broadcast and media production industries. These new portable components combine the best of Shure UHF-R features with the flexibility and durability required for professional broadcast-quality performance.

The UR5 Portable Receiver features Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear sound in even the most challenging environments. Up to 2,400 selectable frequencies across an ultra-wide 60 MHz bandwidth provide superior capability to respond to unpredictable RF conditions.

Shure’s first plug-on transmitter, the UR3, enables any wired XLR microphone to become wireless. It features a comfortable, ergonomic design for ease of handling during interviews and newsgathering. Additional features such as a sweepable highpass filter and 48-volt phantom power make it extremely versatile for broadcast and media production applications.

The new Shure UHF-R portable components revolutionize function and flexibility, providing field production professionals with Shure’s unparalleled sound quality in a portable solution.

Pricing for the UR5 Portable Receiver and the UR3 Plug-on Transmitter is TBD, and Shure UHF-R Portable Components will be available in summer 2011.

Shure's VP68 Omnidirectional Wireless Capsule joins Shure’s other new wireless options for broadcast/media production: the UR5 Portable Receiver and UR3 Plug-on Transmitter. The VP68 was developed for broadcast/media production professionals seeking superior Shure performance in an omnidirectional capsule for ENG and field recording of interviews.

The new Shure VP68 is said to provide clear, clean on- and off-axis audio for even the most critical media production applications.

Pricing for the VP68 is TBD, and it will be available in summer 2011.

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