NAB 2011: TC Electronic DB4 MKII, DB8 MKII

The DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII cross-platform broadcast processors conform to new EBU, ATSC and ITU Loudness and true-peak level standards. The new MKII versions feature EBU R128 and ATSC A/85-compliant LM6 loudness meter, new SNMP functions and one week of detailed logging, even without connection to a computer. In DB4 MKII, the LM6 meter is always available in addition to its two multichannel audio processors.

Synchronous 48kHz sampling and 48-bit processing throughout, in combination with massive jitter rejection, ensures high audio resolution and perfect timing, even when long transmission lines are used to feed a processor. Hundreds of DB processors can be cascaded without degrading the sound as much as a single pass through HDTV data reduction.

Prices: DB-4 MKII, $10,995; and DB-8 MKII, $17,495 MSRP.

NAB Booth #SU10217.

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