NAB 2011: Yamaha, Dan Dugan Dugan-MY16

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Inc. and Dan Dugan Sound Design launched the Dugan-MY16 card for current-model Yamaha digital mixers and processors, including Yamaha 01V96, DM1000, 02R96, DM2000, M7CL, LS9, DSP5D, PM5D and DME24/64N. Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems will be the sole distributor for the card, which will be available to customers within North America.

Dan Dugan Sound Design automatic mic-mixing products eliminate cueing errors, reduce feedback and ambient noise pickup, allow for smooth transitions between talkers, provide consistent system gain no matter how many mics are open, have the ability of handling up to 64 live microphones, and can be remotely controlled. The Dugan-MY16 card can control live microphones via the real-time, voice-activated process known as the Dugan Speech System™ as a plug-in card for the Yamaha mixers.

The Dugan-MY16 card provides up to 16 channels of automatic mic-mixing per card at 48 kHz and will run at 96 kHz with eight channels of operation. It is patched into input channels using the consoles’ setup screens. Channels can be partitioned into as many as three independent auto-mixers. An internal Web server provides a full virtual remote-control panel over a local network.

Multiple Dugan-MY16 cards can be linked for use in larger system situations. The Dugan-MY16 card can also link with all other DSP-based Dugan auto-mixer products such as Models D-2, D-3, E and E-1.

The Dugan-MY16 card will be available during Q2 2011 at a targeted MSRP of $2,700.

NAB Booth #C1623.

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