Radial Engineering Space Heater 8-Channel Tube Drive, Summing Mixer

photo of Radial Space Heater

Radial Engineering Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia, announces the Space Heater combination 8-channel tube drive and summing mixer designed to bring character to digital recording. The company expects to ship the Space Heater April 2014 with an estimated retail price of $2,000.

Set up as four stereo pairs, the Space Heater design begins with a choice of ¼-inch TRS or D-Sub inputs for quick connection to a workstation. Each channel pair is 100-percent discrete, enabling four stereo sets to be used independently or be sent to a stereo mix bus with left and right outputs.

photo of Radial Space Heater

To control the effect on the tube, each channel set is equipped with a separate drive control to increase or decrease the signal being sent to the 12AX7 tube, as well as a level control for setting the output. A Heat switch lets the user apply 25, 50 or 100 volts to the tube, depending on the fidelity needed. Lower voltages starve the tube causing more distortion.

Higher voltages produce a cleaner signal. Each stereo set is also equipped with a highpass filter to help eliminate resonance and clutter, which is useful for cleaning up a mix.

To expand patching options, all eight channels are equipped with separate send and receive insert jacks. The send jack works double duty as a second output with the D-Sub for parallel processing.

The master section features a simple level control, headphone amp and choice of XLR or TRS outputs.

Everything is housed in a single-rackspace 19-inch frame and is made from 14-gauge steel for greater rigidity and maximum shielding. An external power brick works globally by accepting anything from 100 to 240 volts.

Visit Radial Engineering at www.radialeng.com.

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