Waves Audio Dugan Automixer Plug-In

screenshot of Waves Dugan Automixer

Waves Audio developed its Dugan Automixer plug-in with engineer Dan Dugan. The Waves Dugan Automixer is a software version of the Dugan Speech System Automatic Mixing Controllers. Available for every console, the Dugan Automixer is MultiRack SoundGrid- and MultiRack Native-compatible and works on 32 or 64 channels.

The Dan Dugan Automixer is compatible only with MultiRack Native and MutiRack SoundGrid. It is not included in any Waves bundle; it is only available separately. The Dan Dugan Automixer will be available with a U.S. MSRP of Native $500 and SoundGrid $750.

Using Dugan's proprietary voice-activated process, the Waves Dugan Automatic Mixing Controller plugin automatically controls the gains of multiple live microphones in real time while preventing feedback and excessive noise pickup. Maintaining the gain of one mic in the room even when multiple speakers are talking simultaneously, it makes perfectly matched transparent cross-fades.

Waves Audio states that the Dugan Automixer is especially well suited for broadcast news panels and discussion programs; television talk shows and game shows; conference sound reinforcement and video trucks; dialog recording for film and television; multiple wireless mics onstage; houses of worship; boardrooms and civic meeting rooms; community television; teleconferencing; and distance learning.

Find more information and download a demo at www.waves.com/plugins/dugan-automixer.

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