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Monitors for Surround

Feb 1, 2013, By the Mix Editors

Years ago, when the first wave of excitement for 5.1 music projects hit its peak, Mix ran a product roundup on “surround speaker systems.” We established criteria, such as they had to have their own sub, and we thought we were being cutting-edge. But then a number of users and manufacturers called in and said, “Huh? If somebody buys five speakers and a sub, it’s a surround system.” They were right. This time around, we selected monitor models from leading manufacturers that we figured would work well for a near-field, surround sound experience, starting at 6-inch woofers and up. ...

500 Series Mic Preamps 2011

Dec 1, 2011, By Matt Gallagher

With the growing popularity of the 500 Series format, it’s getting more and more difficult to wade through the field of products and make an educated decision. This month's roundup offers a list of more than 60 microphone preamps available from 45 manufacturers. Use this handy guide to get a quick fix on which features best fit your workflow and desires. ...

Studio Consoles 2011

Nov 1, 2011, By Matt Gallagher

Console manufacturers have adapted to our evolving workflows by offering a range of solid products aimed anywhere from large-format studio installations to desktop audio production. Here, we present manufacturers’ current offerings, listed alphabetically. These consoles and audio controllers include a variety of features such as embedded converters, onboard DSP and effects, FireWire, USB and analog I/O, modular design and more. All in these products offer something for every budget and need, so dig in and enjoy. ...

Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones Roundup

Aug 1, 2011, By Matt Gallagher

Large-diaphragm condenser mics are indispensable tools in any audio facility that records vocal tracks. Possessing diaphragms that measure 1-inch or greater, LDCs were specifically designed to capture the human voice. Traditionally, engineers prefer them for vocal recording over mics with small capsules because of the greater sensitivity, low self-noise and deference for presence in the vocal range. ...

Acoustical Materials to Go

Jun 1, 2011, By Matt Gallagher

A cornerstone of any great studio design is its acoustical treatment. While the best option is to build the treatments into the walls and ceilings, manufacturers continue to design and develop highly effective products for easy installation that can address myriad acoustical issues in a variety of commercial and personal studio spaces. This month, Mix looks at the latest product offerings, including foam, panels, isolation products and complete treatment kits (bass traps, diffusors, tiles). ...

Preamps | Fabulous Front Ends

May 1, 2011, By George Petersen

Assembling the perfect digital audio workstation system used to be a fairly complex procedure—especially if you wanted to choose gear from different manufacturers. Once you settled on your DAW/platform, you needed to select your preamps, find the right interface for your software, track down drivers and hope everything worked out. ...

Effects Plug-Ins | Keeping It In the Box

Mar 1, 2011, By George Petersen

Just last summer, we covered a ton of hot new plug-in debuts in our July issue and figured that would hold back the tide for perhaps another year. In fact, our prediction wasn’t even close—in the past few months alone, a couple dozen cool new effects plug-ins have come to market and we couldn’t wait to spotlight some of these new entries. Here, listed alphabetically, are a few recent plugs that are just the thing for in-the-box mixing and production. And if you’re interested in checking these out firsthand, most are available in downloadable demo versions from the Websites listed. ...

Near-Field Reference Monitors | Innovation and Accuracy

Feb 1, 2011, By George Petersen

In 1937, when James B. Lansing unveiled the Lansing Iconic—the world’s first recording studio monitor—he probably had no idea that nearly three-quarters of a century later, that original notion would have developed into an industry of its own, with dozens of companies creating reproduction systems for the control room environment. Today, that quest for sonic perfection continues with higher-power, more accurate monitors designed for near- and midfield listening. In the past 18 months, we’ve seen an increase in new models—some three dozen in this report alone—intended for studio applications. ...

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