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Acoustical Materials

Sep 25, 2007 2:41 PM

AURALEX SPACEARRAY DIFFUSOR: The SpaceArray acoustical diffuser ($399/each), designed by Russ Berger, offers hemispherical acoustical diffusion in a wood finish. The Class-B, fire-rated product passed testing in accordance with ASTM E84, a standard test for surface-burning characteristics of building materials, and also passed acoustical testing in accordance with ISO 17497-1, a standard test for sound-scattering coefficients. Each paulownia wood panel measures 24x24 inches. AES booth #654.

AURALEX ACOUSTICS STUDIOFOAM SMARTPAK: This versatile studio acoustic solution from Auralex comes in several combinations that start at $179. The 2-inch Studiofoam SmartPak totals 48 square feet with 12 wedge- or pyramid-shaped 2x2-foot panels per pack. The 4-inch Studiofoam SmartPak totals 24 square feet with six 2x2-foot panels packaged together, and the LENRD SmartPak includes four bass traps. All SmartPaks are available in charcoal, purple and burgundy. Alternate colors and alternate sizes—such as 1- and 3-inch products—are available via special order. AES booth #654.

BRIGHT STAR AUDIO ISONODE PRO: Voted "Product of the Year" and rated "Five Stars," the IsoNode Pro anti-vibration feet are a cost-effective upgrade. Used with all pro audio recording and live sound gear, the IsoNode Pro feet enhance all aspects of the sonic performance. Video improvements are also realized when IsoNode Pro feet are used with pro video and consumer home theater systems. Available at all Guitar Center retail locations. AES booth #1218.

GHOST ACOUSTICS: The Ghost Acoustics line features a unique layered design of highly compressed glass fiber and layers of micro-thin, flexible aluminum. This unique combination provides superior broadband absorption and is especially well-suited for the problematic low-frequency area. The absorptive layers are housed in an aluminum and steel inner frame and mounted to the wall via a detachable metal frame. The product line includes various sizes, shapes and two color options. AES booth #664.

PRIMACOUSTIC FULLTRAP: Primacoustic announces two new bass traps to augment its line of affordable, effective acoustical solutions: the Fulltrap™ and Halftrap™. Both ship flat for easy handling and cost-effective freight, and can be easily assembled and mounted in corners or on walls in minutes. They feature an attractive black wood–composite outer shell, Fiberglas absorptive panel, inner-resonating membrane and easy mount wall adapters. AES booth #729.

REALTRAPS CEILING TILES: RealTraps Ceiling Tiles line includes eight models of ceiling tile ($49.99 to $99.99), offered as an affordable, attractive alternative to hanging bass traps and RFZ panels from a grid ceiling. Normal home/office-style ceiling tiles are too reflective at mids and highs, and too thin to offer a useful bass trapping. RealTraps Ceiling Tiles solve the dilemma of treating first reflection points and adding additional bass trapping to grid-based dropped ceilings. The tiles are available in 2x2- and 2x4-foot sizes, in thicknesses of 1.5 inches (for control of MF/HF reflections) or 3 inches for bass trapping. AES Booth #949.

VOCALBOOTH 14 CARAT DIAMOND SERIES: Five-sided enclosures engineered to fit in the corner of a room, with the largest booth having the approximate volume of a 7×7-foot room and offered in single- or double-wall designs. For portability, the booth can be taken down an unlimited number of times, and offers active ventilation, lighting, windows and cable passage. Options include various colors, foams, fabrics, windows, wood floors and more. Standard and custom sizes range from 4×4 up to 16×16 feet. AES booth #628.

WHISPERROOM EXTERIOR ACCENT PACKAGE: WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Enclosures are now available with a new Exterior Accent Package (EAP), featuring a series of wood grain accent panels inlaid into the exterior of WhisperRoom wall components. While attractive, this cosmetic-only feature does not change the overall design or noise reduction capability of the WhisperRoom. The EAP is available with all WhisperRoom models and configurations.

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