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Sep 25, 2007 3:14 PM

AUDIOFILE ENGINEERING VOXOVER: voXover ($375) is a new voice-over automation tool/batch recorder for Mac OS X that lets users write or import a written script and rapidly automate the recording of that script. The script can be displayed on voXover's teleprompter to the voice talent via a wired or wireless network. Supported export formats include AIFF, WAV, Wave Editor, SDII or CAF.

BRAINWORX M/S TOOLS: These two new plugs from Brainworx remove the guesswork from working with M/S signals within a DAW. The freeware bx_solo offers L/R flip, solo buttons that phase correct the L, R, M and S outputs on both speakers and stepped stereo width control. The companion bx_control ($98 RTAS/VST bundle; $198 TDM) provides the same features as bx-solo, plus individual switches for input and output, balance control, and a "mono maker" that sums your stereo signal and is adjustable from 20 Hz up to 26 kHz. It also has a balance meter, phase correlation meter and high resolution LED meters in L/R or M/S with switchable peak hold. AES Booth: TBA.

BSS SOUNDWEB LONDON V 1.14: Combined with a new, dedicated SHARC DSP card, this hardware/software update provides Acoustic Echo Cancellation technology—ideal for teleconferencing users. The card requires a new BLU Series interface (models BLU-80A/32A/16A); these are identical to the existing BLU models except that they have a larger power supply to handle the needs of the SHARC card. Also new is a BLU-555 telephone hybrid. AES booth #408.

CELEMONY MELODYNE 3.2: Version 3.2 of this pitch-shifting/time-stretching software adds Polyphonic Formant Tuning (in the Studio version) for pitch-shifting polyphonic tracks by large intervals without introducing undesireable artifacts. Other improvements include new combination vertical and horizontal scroll/zoom sliders, the ability to open arrangements with missing audio files and more.

IK MULTIMEDIA ARC: The ARC Advanced Room Correction System corrects sound distortion caused by room acoustics and combines a calibrated measurement mic, measuring software and a multi-platform plug-in that can be integrated with any DAW-based studio. Its Audyssey revolutionary MultEQ technology measures sound data throughout your listening area, applies this to reveal the room's acoustic problems and then corrects for time and frequency response problems effectively and efficiently. AES booth #1100.

IZOTOPE RX: This essential application for cleaning and repairing audio removes hiss/buzz, eliminates clicks/crackles and repairs clipping and even gaps in audio. New technology provides noise reduction with less artifacts and a more natural sound than traditional techniques. RX’s stand-alone environment includes an advanced spectrogram display, selective processing tools and innovative workflow features. RX is an ideal solution for audio restoration professionals, as well as broadcasters, musicians, engineers, sound designers, forensics and any application that demands spotless audio. AES booth #466.

MINNETONKA AUDIOTOOLS BATCH PRO: The industrial-strength, automated audio processing engine for editing, format conversion, encoding, plug-in processing and processing through external I/O devices. Specify input files, configure a chain of processors, set parameters for each processor, run the job. Files are automatically processed and placed in specified output locations. File settings and processing chains can be saved as jobs and scheduled for execution. Hot Folders. Job Log details I/O file specifications, processing chains, results. Single-machine and client/server configurations. AES booth #1101.

L-ACOUSTICS SOUNDVISION V 1.4: Version 1.4 of the Window's-based Soundvision 3D sound design program incorporates prediction data for the new KIVA system (KIVA/KILO) and allows 8XT/12XT coaxial point-source systems to be powered by L-Acoustics' new LA4/LA8 amplified controllers. Its "coverage" is ideal for touring sound engineers; a "mapping" mode is suited for audio consultants or sound designers; and a "mechanical data" mode provides practical physical data for fixed installs. AES booth #1036.

PROPELLERHEAD SOFTWARE REASON 4: Now shipping, Reason 4 (Mac/Win, $499) features Thor, a hot semimodular synth, Thorwith six types of oscillators and four types of filters, a modulation matrix and a built-in step sequencer. Other highlights include the RPG-8 arpeggiator module, multichannel ReGroove Mixer, a redesigned sequencer and more.

SONIC STUDIO AFC24: This $4,395 transcoding package offers rapid sample-rate conversion for large amounts of audio. The Windows software handles up to 24 channels of fully adjustable SRC and bidirectional PCM to DSD and DSD to PCM interchange. Supported formats include WAV, AIFF, AIFF-C and BWF with PCM sample-rate conversion from 44.1kHz to 2.8224MHz as batches or single files. For SACD authoring, a Compression Ratio Estimator measures DST lossless compression encoding gains. AFC24 also multiplexes, de-multiplexes and remodulates DSD data and creates DSDIFF EM or Edit Master files. Nine distinct Delta Sigma Modulators are available, including Trellis E for the highest fidelity and smallest file size. AES booth #963.

STUDIO NETWORK SOLUTIONS POSTMAP: This new, unique asset-management app can help you instantly locate files and folders on your entire storage system: SAN, LAN, CD/DVD and FireWire drives. Postmap also includes powerful metadata-management features to help document Pro Tools projects. New is complete integration with SANmp. SANmp Client is now completely integrated into Postmap. AES booth #661.

TOONTRACK MUSIC TOONTRACK SOLO: Toontrack Solo is a host application for Toontrack music samplers, providing standalone operation, multi-instance operation and support for specialist MIDI controllers. Optimization for real-time, low-latency operation, ASIO/Core Audio/Core MIDI support, routable mixer with support for 16 physical outs. Toontrack Solo is released for free to all registered users of EZ and Superior Drummer sampler users. AES booth #701.

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