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Disk-Based Recorders/Editing Systems

Sep 25, 2007 3:37 PM

ADOBE AUDITION 3: This major new release is designed to provide a flexible production toolkit for recording, mixing, editing, and mastering audio. Feaurtes include comprehensive audio mastering/restoration capabilities, VSTi virtual instrument support with MIDI piano roll editing, enhanced spectral editing options, fast fade and crossfade controls and advanced multi-core support.

ARDOUR 2: Ardour 2 can transform any computer running Linux or OS X into a tool to record/edit/mix multitrack audio. The upgrade features an improved GUI, instant accelerator key rebinding direct from menu, destructive recording, undo/redo across program startup/shutdown, redesigned support for VST plugs, and support for Frontier Designs' TranzPort and Mackie Control. This product is free for download from Ardour's Website, and it is an open-source application without copy protection so anyone with programming skills can participate in the development of Ardour, adding features and fixing bugs, and then passing updates along the pipeline for other users.

BIAS PEAK PRO 6: Along with a redesigned GUI, Peak Pro 6 editing/processing/mastering/delivery software features enhancements to the playlist, including new crossfades, iTunes and podcast integration, and more. Among its new DSP features are voiceover ducking, Perpetual Looper (for perfect "beat free" sustained loops of single-line instrument samples), Pitch Envelope (offering pitch control via a user-customizable envelope) and Convolve Envelope (with dynamic control over the convolution applied over time). Functionality tweaks include customizable real-time volume envelopes, sample level zooming/editing, overlap/gap or centered crossfades for either mastering or "classical" style workflows. AES Booth #726.

BREMMERS AUDIO DESIGN MULTITRACKSTUDIO: The Bremmers Audio MultitrackStudio (Pro, $69, Pro Plus, $119) features unlimited tracks, MIDI recording and comprehensive editing/mixing with VST and DX plug-in support. The Pro Plus offers all this plus operation at up to 192 kHz for more powerful mixer routing and automation. In addition, the app includes a Level History display, EQ Spectrum display, VariSpeed, Guitar Amp simulator, reverb and instrument plug-ins. Windows Vista or Windows 98 is supported. Older versions can be upgraded for $23 (Professional) or $39 (Pro Plus).

CAKEWALK SONAR 7: SONAR 7 ($619) features enhanced MIDI editing with functions for splitting/gluing/muting notes, MIDI Magnifier, MIDI Colorizer and MIDI Meters. Advanced DSP includes internal sidechaining for a variety of plug-ins and the LP-64 EQ and LP-64 multiband linear phase mastering effects. Additionally, an external hardware effects insert with automatic plug-in delay compensation and automated +/-24dB send/return gain trim simplifies interfacing with outboard gear. Other extras include the Z3TA+ waveshaping synth, Dimension LE (featuring Garritan Pocket Orchestra), Rapture LE, DropZone and Roland V-Vocal™ 1.5, now with Pitch-to-MIDI conversion. For the final step, Cakewalk Publisher offers tools for publishing and presenting music online. AES Booth #818.

FAIRLIGHT XYNERGI: The groundbreaking Xynergi Media Production Center organizes and delivers a suite of media-processing tools for high-end audio-for-video production in all widely used surround formats. Xynergi is based around a completely new concept in tactile control via a unique implementation of self-labeling key switches that can display full-color images/icons/text, for intelligent control over the entire recording/editing/mixing process. Eight touch-sensitive rotary controllers and multiple softkeys support Xynergi's sophisticated mix automation system and offer precise control over signal processing, including multiband EQs, 3-stage dynamics, multidimensional panning and aux sends. AES Booth #142.

FOSTEX USA PD606/PD204: While keeping the popular features of the PD 6 digital field recorder, the PD606 and PD204 offer many updated features, including full-size DVD-RAM disc recording, 8-track recording through the digital I/O, dual-drive recording, extreme power efficiency, digital mixer input routing, HD drive access through USB 2, high-res LED meters, tri-level sync and more. The new machines resemble an updated PD 6, allowing users to adapt to the 606 and 204 easily. Power options include Ni Cad and IDX Endura cell technologies and 6+2 poly files can be recorded if desired. Retail: $9,995. AES booth #512.

KORG D888: The portable D888 recorder/mixer has eight inputs and eight outputs, allowing it to be placed in-line with other systems or act as both a standalone 8-track recorder and a small-format analog mixer with effects. Native WAV recording and high-speed USB 2 data transfer allow recordings to be shared with computer-based systems for full editing and final mastering. Korg is currently bundling Cubase 4 LE software for a total solution. AES booth #344.

MERGING TECHNOLOGIES PYRAMIX 6: This 48-channel system combines with the Ramses controller and Oasis I/O boxes offering DSD and DXD recording with optional mic preamps. The multiformat Ramses MSC integrated record, editing, processing and fully automated mixing system is scalable from 16 to 256 I/O channels and tracks in eight to 24 (plus dual-operator, 48-channel) configurations. Support of VST plug-ins is standard as is support for sample rates from 44.1 to 384 kHz, plus 48-channel DSD and DXD option. AES booth #445.

SONIC STUDIO SOUNDBLADE 1.2.1: SoundBlade provides complete 8-channel production with pre-mastering, source/destination editing and support for Series 300 hardware, NoNOISE II and reNOVAtor. Features include seamless, intermixed Audio Units and VST plugs; unique 4-point editing with EFM; instant PQ creation; delivery of background CD “refs” and DDP file sets; optional pre-mastering and restoration tools. SoundBlade maintains the highest level of fidelity available today while offering the speed and efficiency of our proven workflow. AES booth #963.

SONY ACID MUSIC STUDIO 7: Acid Music Studio 7 (Win, $59.95) offers unlimited MIDI/audio tracks, simultaneous multitrack recording, inline MIDI editing and both MP3 and ATRAC AA3 encoding. It includes 3,000 Acidized loops, 1,000 MIDI files and 90 DLS virtual instruments, with VST plug-in instruments and effects support.

SONY SOUND FORGE 9: New features in this Sound Forge upgrade include multichannel audio support, drag/drop editing between channels, wet/dry mix and crossfade options. New analysis tools include phase scopes, mono compatibility meters and multichannel-capable spectrum analysis. Other updates are channel and hardware meters, multichannel Windows Media format support and Dolby Digital AC-3 export. Windows XP and Vista are supported. The upgrade is bundled with CD Architect 5, Noise Reduction 2 and mastering plug-ins comprising a reverb, multiband compressor, IRC limiter and loudness maximizer, and a parametric equalizer. Price: $399.95.

SOUND DEVICES 7 SERIES RECORDER FIRMWARE: The latest revision of firmware for all 7 Series recorders adds new features and expands the recorder’s flexibility in the field. Record directly to MP2, MP3 and data-compressed FLAC to save on data storage when necessary. Linked 7 Series will share sample-accurate start and stop times, making file management easier in post. Additional features include a full-range gain control option, 47952 and 47952F sampling rates, and additional headphone routing options. AES booth #918.

TRINITY AUDIO RECORDER: This Linux-based, fanless Trinity ($999) field recorder features a 520MHz ARM9 CPU, 128 MB of RAM, two phantom-powered mic preamps, ¼-inch TRS outputs and a 6.5-inch TFT LCD monitor. It operates at up to 24-bit/96kHz, and offers a touch pad-type mouse, four hours of battery life(recording at 24-bit/44.1kHz) and 20GB hard drive.

ZAXCOM DEVA 5.8: The Deva 5.8 system features eight integrated hardware faders, an internal DVD-RAM drive and a Compact Flash media slot, offering complete recording/mix/effects capabilities in one lightweight package. Deva 5.8 records 10 tracks to hard disk or Flash, and an internal DVD-RAM drive provides a recording alternative. For a complete sound cart package, Deva 5.8 can integrate with the Deva Mix-12, a control surface for Deva's internal mixer. AES booth #361.

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