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Sep 25, 2007 3:39 PM

ADAM AUDIO S7A MK2: This four-way, active, bass-reflex main monitor for medium and larger control rooms features two 15-inch paper woofers, two 9-inch Hexacone woofers, two ART folder-ribbon midrange drivers and an ART folded-ribbon tweeter. Frequency response: 20 to 50k Hz, ±3 dB. Six internal amps for 1,500 watts RMS power. Price: TBA. AES Booth #266.

ADAMSON METRIX LINE SOURCE SERIES: The Metrix Multi-Purpose Line Source Series is an effective, economical choice for small-to-medium permanent installs. For large-format touring, the Metrix Series offers front fill, lip fill or outfill arrays. The enclosures feature both 5-degree (Metrix) and 15-degree (Metrix WAVE) vertical patterns, with 120-degree horizontal dispersion. The 2-way box has a ND8-ML 8.5” Kevlar neodymium mid-low driver and a 1.4” HF compression driver on Adamson’s patented HF wave-shaping chamber. A flyable, dual-15 cardioid sub is optional. AES booth #254.

BAG END PD10E-I DOUBLE-10 SUB: Now in a self-powered version, the PD10E-I is specifically designed to fit into locations where space is at a premium. The system packs a lot of bass into a small cabinet—down to 8Hz—thanks to the company’s exclusive INFRA technology that provides high-fidelity, yet compact bass sound.The built-in Minima One is a 1,000-watt high efficiency amp weighs just 5 lbs. The 49-pound enclosure 13xx22x13-inches (HxWxD) and retail is $1,620. AES booth #909.

BLUE SKY EXO DESKTOP SYSTEM: Blue Sky's EXO ($399) active desktop speaker system comprises two 3-inch, two-way satellite speakers that are 35 watts and 8x5x5 inches (HxWxD) with 1-inch tweeters, a separate 8-inch subwoofer that is 90W and 13.8x12x13 (HxWxD), and a desktop remote control and connection hub. The sub carries the amplifiers and bass management circuitry for the system while the hub allows the user to simultaneously input and monitor an assortment of peripherals via XLR/TRS, RCA and 3.5mm mini-jack inputs. The hub allows separate volume control of the sub and main speaker set and has a 3.5mm mini-jack headphone output.

EQUATOR AUDIO RESEARCH Q SERIES REFERENCE MONITORS: The Q Series line of reference monitors offers bi-amplified, extreme SPL, zero-point reference™ in 10/12/15-inch coaxial systems and an 18-inch subwoofer with reproduction below 20 Hz. Each unit incorporates a dedicated internal CPU and our proprietary Digitally Controlled Transducers™ to correct for driver variances and compensate for room acoustic anomalies, including secondary reflections from video screens and consoles. AES demo room 2D13.

IKEY-AUDIO M-SERIES M-808: The flagship in the M-Series monitor line, the M-808 is a 2-way, 125-watt bi-amplified unit that combines an 8-inch red woven glass aramid composite woofer and 1-inch soft-dome tweeter in a mag-shielded, radius-edged enclosure with a 45 Hz to 20 kHz response. Inputs are analog XLR/TRS/RCA; an optional M-10s powered sub extends response to 35 Hz.

JBL PROFESSIONAL VRX932LAP/VRX918SP: Using the JBL DrivePack® DPC-2 amplification system, the VRX932LAP 12-inch powered loudspeaker and the VRX918SP 18-inch powered subwoofer are fully self-contained, powered loudspeakers. The two models retain all the features of the original VRX932LA and VRX918S, while self-powered performance has been optimized through integrated DSP. AES booth #408.

JBL LSR4300 SERIES: JBL Pro intros two 5.1 surround systems with 24-bit, 96kHz AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital and analog inputs. Up to eight LSR4326P ($1,199 each) or LSR4328P ($1,699 each) monitors can be configured (with 6-inch and 8-inch woofers), along with two LSR4312SP subwoofers ($1,100 each). The speakers feature an automated version of JBL's RMC (Room Mode Correction) technology to measure and compensate for LF problems caused by the room acoustics by connecting a supplied calibration mic to the speaker and viewing correlations on a computer using the LSR4300 Control Center Software. The app also includes a monitor control section, solo and mute. AES booth: #408.

K+H O 410 MIDFIELD MONITOR: Designed specifically for midfield monitoring, Klein + Hummel's O 410 is a tri-amped three-way loudspeaker, featuring mag-shielded drivers (10-inch LF, 3-inch soft dome mid and 1-inch tweeter). Onboard 340/180/160-watt hybrid class A-B amplifiers in the vented enclosure extends bass to 34 Hz. Electronically balanced analog inputs are standard; optional are transformer-balanced and 192kHz/24-bit digital inputs. AES booth #418.

KRK VXT MONITORS: The VXT Series monitors are two-way designs with a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter. Weighing 28 pounds, the VXT8 ($799) has an 8-inch Kevlar woofer and 180-watt amp; the VXT6 ($599) has a 6-inch Kevlar woofer and 120W amp, while the VXT4 ($399) has a 4-inch Kevlar woofer and 90W amp. Standard are integrated Omnimount supports, XLR/TRS combo inputs and shielded cabinets.

L-ACOUSTICS U.S. LA4 AND LA8: Cutting-edge loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network. High-grade 24-bit A/D converters and 130dB dynamic range; 32-bit, floating-point SHARC DSP and 96kHz sampling rate; 4-channel, high-efficiency amplifier section fed by two inputs. LA4: 4x 1,000W/4 ohms. LA8: 4x 2,000W/4 ohms. Advanced, dual-IIR/FIR filter algorithms. Exclusive L-DRIVE system protection. Complete onboard L-Acoustics preset library. LA Network manager RC software and monitoring. Ready for future multichannel digital audio network. AES booth #1036.

L-ACOUSTICS SB28: The successor to the SB218 subwoofer, L-Acoustics' new SB28 delivers even more powerful LF impact and bass articulation. Powered by the new LA8 amplified controller, the 4-ohm system contains two front-loaded, 18-inch direct-radiating transducers integrated into a bass-reflex-tuned enclosure capable of operating down to 25 Hz. The SB28's use of modern components combined with new progressive profile vents provides a greatly improved +5dB SPL output compared to the previous standards. AES booth #1036; demo room #2D04.

MACKIE HRMK2 SERIES: The improved HR624mk2 ($579) and HR824mk2 ($779) high-resolution monitors offer even dispersion over their predecessors, a cast-aluminum baffle to reduce diffraction, a wider sweet spot THX pm3 certification. The 140-watt biamped HR624mk2 has a 6.7-inch woofer; the 250-watt HR824mk2 has an 8.75-inch woofer; and both have 1-inch titanium dome tweeters. AES booth #801.

MARTIN AUDIO OMNILINE: The OmniLine micro-line array ranges from foreground applications to reinforcement in large spaces. Intelligent software can configure arrays to cover any vertical angle, handling both high quality music reproduction as well as speech in large, reverberant venues. Arrays can be formed with up to 32 modules or as few as four in short-throw installations.

MEYER MM4-XP MINI-SPEAKER: The self-powered MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker (only four inches square) is the self-powered version of Meyer's popular MM-4. The MM-4XP has all amplification and corrective processing onboard, and receives 48 VDC from an external power supply on a five-pin EN3 connector that also carries balanced audio. The unit's high intelligibility and flat phase/frequency response is suited where space is limited or visibility is a factor, such as fill and spot coverage, or installation in steps and other hidden locations as well as touring sound applications like stage lip frontfill and small portable P.A. Its 4-inch driver is capable of a 113 dB max peak SPLs with a 120 to 18k Hz response. AES Booth #336.

NADY SYSTEMS SUBS: The $869.95 PSW 18A combines an 18-inch woofer and a 1,200W amp for a max 123dB SPL. It has XLR and 1/4-inch inputs, adjustable 20 to 500Hz response, recessed handles and black carpet covering. The $639.95 stereo powered SSW-15A uses three internal amps to power a 15-inch woofer (300W) and two optional, external, two-way speaker cabs (2x160W). It has separate volume controls for all three outputs, a passive lowpass filter, separate left and right TRS balanced inputs, and parallel outputs.

PEAVEY SP FH FOLDED HORN SUBWOOFER: Featuring 1,600-watt program power handling (3,200w peak), the SP FH subwoofer has an 18-inch Low Rider® Black Widow® loudspeaker with 4-inch voice coil and Kevlar-impregnated cone in a folded-horn design. The carpeted, compact 36x24x34-inch enclosure weighs 150 pounds, has casters for portability and both ?-inch and 4-pin Speakon connectors. Specs include a 30 Hz to 300 Hz frequency response and a 108 dB (1w/1m) sensitivity.

PMC WAFER SERIES FLAT-PANEL LOUDSPEAKERS: The Wafer™ Series is available in dedicated on-wall or in-wall formats: the compact Wafer 1/1-iw has a 5.5-inch LF driver, while Wafer 2/2-iw features a 6.5-inch unit; all systems use PMS' proprietary ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology. Wafer 2’s deeper cabinet offers enhanced LF extension and higher volume levels. Using steerable image techniques, PMC's unique Twin Tweeter/TT Technology™ enables horizontal and vertical placement above and below the consumer's seating location, without limiting performance. AES booth #150.

PMC FREE SPEAKER WI-FI LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEMS: Designed by Free™, these PMC-manufactured, floor-standing speakers can be used with a WiFi audio solution—such as SONOS ZP80s and Apple Airport Express™—or as standalone active monitors. Subtle lines and lack of any visible connections give the speakers a clean feel, and are available in silk-finish black or white to match consumer-style requirements. Systems feature PMC’s proprietary ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology. AES booth #150.

QSC WIDELINE-8 ARRAY: Including the full-range WL3082 and WL212-sw sub, the WideLine-8 Series offers the same wide, 140-degree dispersion as larger WideLine models, with a rigging system integrated into each enclosure. The 20x9-inch (WxH) triamplified WL3082 has a 68 Hz to 20 kHz response from two 8-inch drivers with neodymium magnets and a 3-inch voice coil neodymium compression driver on a 140-degree, multiple-aperture diffraction waveguide. The dual-12 sub produces 135 dB SPL and take LF down to 32 Hz.

RENKUS-HEINZ SYGMA INSTALL LOUDSPEAKERS: The Sygma line comprises high-performance, installation-specific cabinets. Self-powered SG models can connect to the RHAON Ethernet network. SGX Sygma models are unpowered. Offerings range from the two-way coaxial SGX41 (4-inch LF/1-inch tweeter) to the SG61 and SGX61 (6.5-inch LF/1-inch HF driver on a 150x60°complex conic horn) and the SG/SGX42, a stair-step/stage lip loudspeaker with dual 4-inch/1-inch drivers. Three full-range, two-way, multi-angled cabinets include the SG/SGX81 (8-inch LF, HF on120x60° complex conic horn), SG/SG121 (12-inch LF, HF on 90x60° horn) and SG/SGX151 (15-inch LF, HF on 90x40 horn). Network features include CobraNet half-/quarter-latency modes, drag-and-drop signal routing and users can assign each loudspeaker to one of 64 audio channels, control parametric EQ, delay and compression via onboard DSP and monitor the amp/drivers. AES booth #242.

TURBOSOUND TA-500T/TA-500TDP: The TA-500t is a trapezoidal, bi-amp/tri-amp 3-way enclosure with a 1-inch HF driver on a Polyhorn™ device, 10-inch MF on a Polyhorn and a Turbo-loaded 15-inch LF for a 60Hz to 20kHz response from a 125-pound cabinet. Its 50°H x 25°V dispersion focuses with minimum overspill. The powered, networkable TA-500tDPs offer real-time control and monitoring of operating parameters with a PC and TurboDrive™ software over a BVNet network or remotely. AES booth #136.

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