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Microphone Preamplifiers

Sep 25, 2007 3:40 PM

APPLIED RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY TUBEFIRE8: This $649 FireWire audio interface has eight Class-A tube mic preamps with balanced XLR and TRS inputs with 70 dB of gain. Eight TRS outputs allow use as either a standalone preamp or front-end for your Mac/PC. Two channels also have hi-Z ¼-inch instrument inputs and a headphone can monitor any input or the mix streaming from your converter.

ATLAS PRO AUDIO THE JUGGERNAUT: All Class-A, fully discrete, mic preamp with switchable iron or nickel input transformer. Fully variable mic impedance from 300 to 10,000 ohms. Designed by Tim Farrant and Nathan Eldred for the Atlas Recording Equipment brand of gear.

FOCUSRITE ISA 828: Packing eight transformer-based ISA preamps into a single 2U enclosure, the ISA 828 brings the Focusrite sound to DAW users everywhere. Offering the ability to switch between four carefully selected input-impedance settings (one of which is the same as the original ISA-110) the ISA 828 is destined to become an instant classic. AES booth #136.

GRACE DESIGN M201: The m201 is Grace Design's thoroughly redesigned 2-channel mic preamplifier. Features include ribbon mic mode, M+S encoder and dual parallel XLR outputs on each channel. Options include 130V mic powering and latest-generation onboard 192kHz A/D converters. AES booth #739.

LACHAPELL AUDIO 583S: The first tube preamp in the 500 series format, the Model 583s’ input stage is based on LaChapell’s popular 992EG platform, with high quality Burr-Brown and THAT Corporation output drivers for 70dB of gain with a typical EIN of -120dB, a frequency response of 12 Hz to 70 kHz and Cinemag CMMI-10 or optional Jensen JT-115k input transformer. Retail is $1,249. AES booth #846.

MILLENNIA MEDIA AD-R96: Eight-channel analog-to-digital converter module for the remote-controllable HV-3R preamp. AES booth #611.

RME OCTAMIC II: This new electronic design with added features is based on the popular OctaMic/OctaMic D units. OctaMic II features eight channels of 192 kHz/24 bit high-performance mic/line pre-amplification and offers clock source switching (internal, AES, S/PDIF or Word Clock). Retail is $1,799. AES booth #743.

TRUE SYSTEMS P-SOLO RIBBON PREAMP: Optimized for ribbon and/or dynamic mics, this single-channel preamp uses the same balanced, transformerless circuitry used in the company's Precision 8 and P2 Analog preamps. P-SOLO is built using military-grade, hand-matched components and features a highpass filter, dual analog outputs, hi-Z instrument input and four-level metering. Designed for ribbon and dynamic mics, it has no phantom power and offers high input impedance and extra gain. retail: $745. AES booth #845.

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