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Sep 25, 2007 3:42 PM

AKG PERCEPTION 150: The first front-address model in AKG's Perception Series, the all-metal Perception 150 ($279) offers a cardioid polar pattern and switchable -10dB pad for handling SPLs of up to 145 dB. This externally biased condenser mic has a 1/2-inch diaphragm, providing a 20-20k Hz frequency range. AES booth #408.

ALLEGROSOUND ORIGINAL MIC TUBES: Genuine, new-old-stock, made-in-USA, circa 1950-1978 tubes precision tested-selected-graded for use in new and vintage microphones and mic-pre's. AES booth #6072.

AUDIX EXPANDS MICROS: The ultracompact Micros condenser mic series now has more than 20 models. The new M1250 (2-inch body) and 3.5-inch body M1280 have a 40 to 20k Hz response and feature greater immunity to RF interference caused by cell phones and GSM devices. Each model has four interchangeable capsules to choose from (cardioid, hypercardioid, omni and shotgun/supercardioid). The mics ship with proprietary 25-foot cable (XLRm to mini-XLRf ), hanging clip, stand adapter and windscreen. Accessories include MicroPods (integrated 6/12/18-inch goosenecks), MicroBooms (50-inch, 2.5-ounce carbon fiber boom), various instrument mount clips and more. AES booth #436.

AVLEX SUPERLUX E531/BCS: The E531/BCS ($49) M/S stereo field mic features a cardioid pattern for its mid section and a figure-8 polar pattern for the side. The mic offers control over the stereo image during mixdown and is powered by a single AA battery that can provide upwards of 200 hours of use. It also has an on/off switch to maintain the battery when the unit's not in service. The E531/BCS comes with a stand clip plus a foam windscreen. AES booth #1060.

BERLINER CM33 STEREO MATCHED PAIR: The CM33 is an electret condenser pressure gradient transducer with a cardioid polar pattern. It features a 16mm diameter 3-micron, gold-plated Mylar diaphragm. Electronics are discrete FET with transformerless balanced output. Each package includes two factory matched CM33s, mic clips, and windscreens in a wood presentation case.

BERLINER U77: Modeled after the famed vintage M7, the U77 large-diaphragm tube condenser mic is the company's flagship model, with a German-made, Berliner B7 capsule. The mic offers a choice of three polar patterns (cardioid/omni/figure-8) and comes with a quality 10-meter Gotham GAC7 cable with 7-pin Tuchel connectors.

BEYERDYNAMIC TG-X 930 VOCAL MIC: Based on the capsule of its popular MC 930 studio mic, the TG-X 930 offers sensitivity of a condenser with exceptional durability. The mic's slight treble boost helps vocal cut through a mix. Max SPL handling is 150 dB SPL and the turned brass housing is available in matte black or satin nickel finish.

CASCADE L2 STEREO CONDENSER MIC: The L2 large-diaphragm stereo condenser ($399), is comprised of two separate dual-membrane solid state mics within a single housing. The upper capsule rotates 270 degrees horizontally. Switches on each side of the microphone control the polar patterns (cardioid/omni/figure-8) and bass roll-off. Includes a 30-foot 5-pin XLR cable, shockmount, power supply, windscreen and case. AES Booth #568.

CROWLEY AND TRIPP "EL DIABLO": A ribbon mic tough enough for close-in kick drum miking, "el Diablo-Mercenary Edition" uses Crowley and Tripp's ultratough Roswellite™ ribbon material and is said to have the "aggression of the 421 with the size of the 47 FET without any of the phase issues that often occur when using two mics on a single source." Shipping begins this month. AES Booth #772.

HEIL SOUND HANDI MIC PRO PLUS: The new Handi Mic Pro Plus ($110) is said to be the world's smallest, large-diaphragm dynamic mic. In addition, the off-axis ports create a linear cardioid pattern, making it ideal for live situations. Similar in performance to the company's PR20, the handheld Pro Plus offers the ability to take high SPLs, and due to its small size, can fit into tight spots such as in broadcast applications. AES booth #850.

HEIL SOUND FIN MICROPHONE: The Fin puts a modern, large-diaphragm dynamic element into a stylish, Art Deco-style housing offering a 60 to 18k Hz response. Designed for stand mounting, the Fin also features internal shock mounting for its cardioid capsule and four (switchable) blue LEDs inside the mic that glow when the mic is connected to a phantom power source. AES booth #850.

HHB DRM85-LI AND DRM85-CLI: The DRM85-LI omni and the DRM85-CLI cardioid add line inputs to HHB's very successful line of FlashMics, enabling journalists to record the feeds often provided at press conferences or any other line-source material. Both new FlashMics feature a bantam TT jack input on the base of the microphone body. An XLR-to-bantam jack cable is supplied that, when connected, switches out the microphone signal, recording only the line input signal. AES booth #418.
Dist. by Sennheiser USA

LIGHTWAVE G5 NEWS BOOM POLE: This lightweight, affordable boom pole uses a triple-cam locking system rather than metal threads. for a minimal 15 degree twist to lock/unlock, facilitating cleaning and reducing the likelihood of jamming. One option is an internal coiled cable using Neutrik XLR connectors with gold-finished pins. The collapsed length is 2 feet, 2 inches; the extended length is 8 feet, 2 inches. The tube comprises five carbon fiber sections and weighs only 20.5 oz with the coil. Prices: $299 without cable; $385 with cable.

MXL 190: The MXL 190 ($149) cardioid condenser microphone from MXL features a 6-micron condenser, pressure-gradient capsule; switchable -10dB pad; 20-20k Hz frequency response; and a champagne-colored finish. It ships with shock-mount and metal case. It's available exclusively through Musician's Friend. AES booth #432.

M-AUDIO PULSAR II MIC: The Pulsar II ($199) small-capsule condenser microphone replaces the company's original Pulsar and features a 3/4-inch-diameter, 6-micron Mylar evaporated-gold diaphragm that promises to deliver 2dB SPL over the model's predecessor. It also features a -10dB switchable pad and12 dB/octave highpass filter. It offers max SPL of 144 dB at 0.5% THD (with pad engaged) and equivalent noise of 16 dBA. It's available individually or in matched sets and ships with a wooden box, windscreen, mic clip and manual.

NEUMANN ANNIVERSARY U 87: Offered for the 40th anniversary of this beloved studio mic, is the U 87 Anniversary Set special edition, in a classic style case, with elastic suspension, numbered certificate of authenticity and a pop screen that's reminiscent of the 1960s. the mic combines polished nickel parts with the traditional Neumann matte nickel look and includes an anniversary dust cover and white gloves with which to handle this valuable equipment. AES booth #418.

NEUMANN KK CAPSULES: These three capsules ($779/each) expand on Neumann's Solution-D KM D miniature mic system, including the KK 131 free-field equalized omni, KK 143 wide cardioid and the KK 145 cardioid with highpass. The KM D miniature mics have a 3-pin XLR connector for transmission of a bi-directional signal conforming to the AES 42 standard. This signal carries the balanced digital mic output signal, phantom power and a remote control datastream that also has a signal for synching the mic with a master clock. All standard sampling frequencies are supported, from 44.1 to 192 kHz. AES booth #418.

PEARL LAB ELM-A LINEAR MIC: Expanding its Linear Mics range,the Pearl ELM-A (alternative patterns) model has two separate outputs via a 5-pin XLR. Both outs deliver independent cardioids, one from each membrane of the dual membrane capsule—in back-to-back output or 180-degree stereo. Its rectangular condenser capsule has more than twice the surface area of large diameter round capsules providing excellent signal/noise ratio, but avoiding their high levels of in-band resonance. AES booth #447.
Dist. by Independent Audio

PELUSO VTB VACUUM TUBE BOTTLE MIC: Handmade in the USA, but inspired by vintage German bottle mics, the VTB offers a low 15 dBA noise floor, classic tube sound, nine polar patterns and an additional switch that disables the pattern control system, providing pure cardioid characteristics. Retail is $1,496, including microphone in wood box, power supply, 7-conductor cable and shock mount—all in a flight case.

RØDE M3: Designed to provide low-cost/high quality performance, the cardioid M3 is suitable for both live and studiouse, while internal shock mounting and low handling noise make it suitable for location recording and sample/sound effects gathering. Other features include: a switchable high-pass filter, 3-stage (0/10/20dB) pad, 142dB SPL handling, 48 VDC phantom or 9 VDC battery powering, molded flight case and foam windscreen. Retail is $249. AES booth #1112.

RYCOTE S-SERIES WINDSHIELD SYSTEM: The S-Series lightweight suspension and windshield systemlets users quickly adjust and reposition a mic using via a one-piece web suspension made entirely of durable, flexible, lightweight plastic that fits all mic diameters from 19 to 25 mm. A pinch release allows changing the position of the suspension, while the windshield itself features a twist-lock system that attaches to the chassis ring for quick, easy release. An integrated acoustic fur covering features greater than 30dB wind-noise suppression. All units include an XLR cable with with gold-finish pins and a pistol-grip handle.

New-generation, ultra-miniature mic now available in white. This lavalier features a mesh screen that is water-resistant to protect the microphone from perspiration and cosmetics, and for outdoor shooting in foul weather. Soft and pliable cabling and clamp design ensures long-term durability. Four colors are available: black, gray, beige and now white. AES booth #808.
Dist. by Plus24

SE ELECTRONICS GM10: The new GM10 ($599) mic is designed to capture guitar through an innovative design: A clamp holds the mic capsule while the preamp is located at the end of the extension arm, allowing it to be placed precisely, close to the guitar. To keep nasty vibrations from getting into the signal path, the capsule has a built-in shockmount. The mic and assembly ship together in a black-aluminum flight case. AES booth #664.

SENNHEISER E 912 S BOUNDARY MIC: With a 20-20k Hz response and max SPL handling of 134 dB, this pre-polarized condenser offers a half-cardioid pickup pattern and is acoustically optimized for speech. An internal DIP switch bank can tailor the mic's response curve to match the response of the e 912, or switched to select low cut, low and high boost or low boost. In addition, the mic may be switched on /off using the integrated programmable membrane switch. A second internal DIP switch bank provides additional feature selection, including on/off, push-to-talk button, cough button or permanently switched on. AES booth #418.

SENNHEISER MKH 8000 MICS: Three new MKH 8000 series mics ($1,299/each) are: the omni MKH 8020, cardioid MKH 8040 and supercardioid MKH 8050 each consist of a microphone head and separate XLR module, with bandwidth ranging from 10 to 60 kHz, depending on the capsule. For use in tight spaces, the XLR module is removable, with the mic head attached to an optional remote capsule accessory to create a compact mic assembly. Other accessories include floor stands, extension tubes, shock mounts, remote cables, table stands, ceiling mounts, clamps and more. AES booth #418.

SOUNDFIELD DSF-1 MUSIC SURROUND MIC SYSTEM: The DSF-1 music srround mic system incorporates SoundField's unique technology that enables high-resolution recordings to be output in a variety of delivery formats—from traditional stereo to esoteric multichannel formats—all without leaving the digital domain. The DSF-1 is a variant of the DSF-2 broadcast surround mic system that is tuned for optimal pickup of musical events. All of the dimensional information it captures can be adjusted in post-production. MSRP: $13,950. AES booth #851.
Dist. by Transaudio Group

VIOLET DESIGNS FLAMINGO JUNIOR: The Flamingo Junior ($929) side-address cardioid condenser design is designed to reduce internal noise and resonance while optimizing the polar pattern and minimizing the proximity effect. Available in the standard violet or vintage black matte black, Flamingo Junior also comes in matched stereo pairs or surround-sound sets by special order.

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