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Sep 25, 2007 3:55 PM

ALLEN & HEATH ZED MIXERS: ZED is a series of small format, USB-equipped mixers for live performance, recording, and production. The ZED-14 has six mono channels (with 3-band, swept mid EQ) and four stereo channels (with 2-band EQ) and provides: 13 independent sources to the mix; 10 independent outs; two pre-fade/two post-fade aux sends; and a USB send and return for PC/Mac recording/playback/effects. The first of the ZED series (four more models are planned), ZED-14 ships with Cakewalk SONAR LE Windows Vista/XP recording software. AES booth #136.

APB-DYNASONICS PRORACK MIXERS: ProRack mixers are compact 10-space designs that, like the company's Spectra Series, feature minimum phase-shift circuitry, expressive EQ and high-performance preamps. The ProRack House has 12 mono input channels and four dual-mono/stereo input channels (20 mic preamps in total); the Monitor is fitted with 16 mono input channels. All mono and stereo inputs have variable (20Hz to 400Hz sweep range) highpass filters; mono channels have fixed HF/LF EQ bands and two sweepable mid-bands. The ProRack House has six (pre/post-fader-switchable) aux sends. The ProRack-Monitor can create eight stereo mixes and two mono mixes, while adding a passive input-splitter system. AES booth #1054.

API AUDIO 1608 RECORDING CONSOLE: The API 1608 recording console builds on the classic API 1604—a workhorse for more than 30 years—and adds new options to serve modern recording practices. Sharing the form factor and revered 2520 circuitry of the 1604, the standard 1608 has 16 548B inputs (312 mic pre/line inputs and direct output), eight effect returns, 12 550A 3-band equalizers, four 560 10-band graphic equalizers, 5.1 monitoring and space for eight additional 500 Series modules. AES booth #248.

AUDIENT ASP8024 S: This special version of the ASP8024 offers metallic charcoal trims, black ash armrest and blue LED Cut buttons. The console also has custom modified mix bus amps, providing a totally discrete amplifier stage based around the Jensen 990 op amp design. The basic circuit was developed by Deane Jensen and is one of the most respected discrete op amp designs in existence. AES booth #1137.

AUDIENT BLACK SERIES RACK: The Black Series rack provides high quality A/D conversion for the ASP8024 console. Featuring Audient’s proprietary low-jitter PLL circuitry, the Black ADC converter option is available in 8- or 16-channel versions and provides two AES, S/PDIF coaxial and S/PDIF optical for each channel. Also optional is the Black Time Machine, a new module offering high performance, low jitter Master Word Clock, up to 192kHz. AES booth #1137.

CALREC OMEGA: Omega is a new midlevel console that uses FPGA-based Bluefin high-density signal processing technology. Omega features 160 mono DSP paths packaged as 48 stereo and 64 mono channels, and up to 24 full 5.1 surround channels—all with full EQ and dynamics. Available in 24/40/56-frame sizes, Omega with Bluefin's output complement includes eight 5.1 surround groups, 20 aux outs and 48 multitrack outs. AES booth #536.

DIGIDESIGN VENUE UPDATES: Available for both D-show and D-Show Profile consoles, new D-Show 2.6 software adds support for AviomPro16 Series personal monitoring/mixing devices via Digi's new ANO A-Net Output card, with auto/manual stereo linking of adjacent channel pairs, easy set up/testing of all Aviom Personal Mixers, faster plug-in load times, improved workflows, expanded signal routing possibilities, improved forward/backward compatibility with other D-Show software versions and more. AES booth #701.

EDIROL M-10DX DIGITAL MIXER: Meant to be more portable and affordable than its big brother, the M-16DX, the M-10DX ($499) 10-channel digital mixer from Edirol features a 24-bit/96kHz processing engine (the same engine featured on the M-16DX), backlit LCD, built-in COSM effects, and dedicated channel controls for 3-band EQ, pan, aux, select and level. The unit also offers two phantom-powered mic preamps, 10 line inputs and headphone output, and it includes Room Acoustic Control software for room compensation.

EUPHONIX EMIX 3.0 FOR SYSTEM 5: Euphonix announces the third-generation of its eMix management software for System 5 digital consoles. eMix 3.0 includes new features such as scene automation and dual spill zones, which enable two operators working on the console to independently spill out stereo or 5.1 masters to their component parts on each side of the console. eMix 3.0 also supports all the new DSP SuperCore hardware features including bus processing and longer delays of up to two seconds on every channel. AES booth #718.

FRONTIER DESIGN GROUP ALPHATRACK: The Alphatrack compact DAW controllercombines touch-sensitive rotary encoders, transport controls, jog/shuttle strip and a single, assignable motorized fader. The $249, USB-powered desktop unit is XP and OS X–compatible for Pro Tools, SONAR, Cubase, Reason, Digital Performer, Nuendo and other apps. AES booth #756.

GEMINI MM-3000 DJ MIXER: The MM-3000 ($249.95) has five channels outfitted with two RCA phono/line inputs, 3-band EQ and a volume fader. It also includes an iPod connector and mic input. Full cueing ability and balanced master outputs offer user-friendliness, and the unit has a user-replaceable RailGlide crossfader for upkeep and maintenance.

LAWO SOFTWARE V 1.10: New software for Lawo's mc290 and mc266 digital mixers provides improved sequence automation; 10 new DSP configurations; the ability to meter up to eight VCA-slaved channels controlled by a single fader (ideal for surround stems, etc.); more frequency points for EQ, filter and sidechain filter modules; full MIDI Machine Control remote access; a choice of MTC, LTC, Sony 9-Pin TC or internal timecode slaving, and more. AES booth #730.

LAWO PLUGIN HOST: Lawo Plugin Host is a low-latency PC host app for its digital consoles that assigns tielines for the triggered plug-ins to the mc² HD Core that appear automatically on the GUI matrix screen. The console imports plug-in parameters in the same way as console-based EQ or dynamics parameters are assigned, and plug-in settings can be stored either statically using snapshots or dynamically with the automation data. AES booth #730.

MACKIE CONTROL UNIVERSAL PRO: This DAW mix controller connects to a Mac or PC via USB and has nine motorized, touch-sensitive Penny & Giles faders, eight V-Pots, more than 50 master buttons and a large LCD. An $899 Mackie Control Extender Pro can add eight more channels, for up to 32 channels total. The system is compatible with most popular DAWS. AES booth #801.

ROLAND SYSTEMS GROUP D RSS M-400 V-Mixing System: The RSS M-400 digital mixing and recording system brings unprecedented ease, convenience and quality to installations and live sound events. The V-Mixing System comprises a digital snake up to 48 inputs, a 48-channel digital mixing console and splits for recording. The V-Mixing system delivers superior sound quality, is easy to use and learn, and offers instant recall, digital effects, remote controllability and more. AES booth #755.

SOLID STATE LOGIC C-SERIES HD: SSL upgrades its C Series digital broadcast consoles to C100 HD and C300 HD, while doubling the possible fader inputs to 512, adding MORSE routing capabilities, updated Century processing and incorporating the workstation control from the company's popular AWS series. Also new is the C100 HD-S—essentially the C100 HD with an identical feature set, but in a smaller footprint console designed for space-limited installs, packing 64 faders into a frame that's less than 92 inches. AES booth #126.

SOUNDCRAFT FX MIXERS: These three new FX mixers offer pro features, as well as 32 Lexicon 24-bit digital effects . The Soundcraft FX16ii, which descends from the Spirit FX16, offers 26 inputs, 16 direct outputs, four stereo returns and rotating connector pod allowing cables to be connected conveniently behind the rack to save space. The EFX™ is available in 8- and 12-channel versions. It features the GB30 mic preamp, one aux send and one FX send on each channel. The MFX™ has two group buses, two aux sends, one FX send on each channel and two stereo input channels, all offered in three frame sizes: eight, 12 and 20 inputs. AES booth #408, demo rooms 2D09, 2D10.

STAGETEC AURUS UPGRADE: StageTec offers new software and a revised control surface for its AURUS digital consoles. An offline editor allows setting up presession console configurations using a PC without physical access to the mixer. The NEXUS Audio network can also be similarly set up offline, directly from the AURUS master section. On the hardware side, graphics-enabled OLED displays showing channel and layer configurations on the channel strip will replace the matrix displays previously used. AES booth #1066.

STAGETEC AURATUS: AURATUS is a compact console for TV/broadcast/remote recording/live sound where the full configurability of the AURUS is not required. It features audio-follows-video functions, eight configurable mix-minus buses and a simple user interface with OLED and TFT displays. AURATUS has a hardwired bus layout with a maximum of 32 input channels, eight groups, one stereo and one 5.1 sum, eight aux paths, eight mix-minus sums and full integration with the NEXUS audio-routing system. AES booth #1066.

STUDER VISTA 5-42: This 42-fader version of the Vista 5 digital console can access up to 1,700 channels. The 42 faders on its one-knob-per-function surface has 30 channel strips as input channels and 12 strips for operating I/O channels. The additional faders also permit two-operator applications, if needed. The Studer D21m I/O system—used on the Studer Vista series and OnAir 3000 digital consoles—has been enhanced with new optional I/O card for signals encoded with Dolby® E, which lets users directly decode an AES/EBU stream into eight discrete channels. AES booth #408.

STUDER ETHERSOUND INTERFACE: This EtherSound interface card for Studer consoles is designed to fit into the Studer D21m I/O system rack for use with the Studer OnAir 3000 and Vista Series and routing systems, the card offers 128 channels of audio (64 input/64 outputs) to be connected to the D21m via a single Cat-5 connection. A second Cat-5 connection permits daisy-chaining or redundant ring setups, allowing for the network to remain uninterrupted should a cable be broken. Boasting low latency, inputs and outputs can be patched internally within the console on the OnAir 3000's I/O screens; control software can be used to route signals between different EtherSound-enabled devices over a standard Ethernet network. AES booth #408.

WUNDER AUDIO WUNDERBAR REVA: The Wunderbar now uses the new PEQ2 channel amplifier delivering from 12 to 60 channels. A “fully balanced busing scheme” is at the heart of the Wunderbar, buffering the ground out of the equation. This results in significant increase in dynamic range while substantially lowering noise. There are transformer-balanced direct outputs and inserts on all channels. The stereo bus has three stereo amplifier choices that soundstage with three huge flavors: Wunder, 1272 and 312. AES booth #862.

YAMAHA MG SERIES MIXERS: Yamaha outs six upgraded MG Series analog mixers adding to the four shown earlier this year. Single-knob input compressors help users set up a mix quickly. Other features include redesigned faders/EQs/preamps and high-output LED meters readable even in bright daylight. Two models (MG16/6CX and MG16/6CX-USB) offer digital SPX multieffects. Three (MG16/6CX-USB, MG16/6C-USB and MG20/6C-USB) include USB ports designed to simplify live recording. The three also ship with Cubase AI4 production and recording software. Prices range from $449 to $799. AES booth #318.

YAMAHA PM5DV2: PM5DV2 features Virtual Soundcheck, an easy switch between live inputs, inputs from a multitrack recorder; built-in Effect Library programs include De-Esser, add-on VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling); analog-modeled compressors and EQs, OpenDeck tape simulation. Channel Move enables channels to be moved for layout reorganization; security features such as read-only scenes that cannot be stored over, edited or erased by loading from a card or Studio Manager. Load Lock prevents internal data from being overwritten. Output isolation protection. AES booth #318.

ZAXCOM DEVA MIX-12: This fully digital, 12-fader control surface directly manages the audio mixer embedded within Zaxcom's Deva IV and V location recorders. Combined with either the Deva IV or V, Deva Mix-12 performs all location mix and record functions, reducing production costs by eliminating the need for external mixing consoles. AES booth #361.

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