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Sep 25, 2007 4:08 PM

BEYERDYNAMIC DT 60 PRO IN-EAR HEADPHONES: The DT 60 PRO In-Ear Headphones, designed for use with in-ear monitoring systems provide accurate audio reproduction combined with effective sound isolation in loud environments. To ensure an ideal fit, the DT 60 PRO comes with three different pairs of silicon ear pads. Users have an option of black, white and beige models, allowing the headsets to be inconspicuous.

CHARTEROAK SP-1: The CharterOak SP-1 is an acoustically closed headphone for studio use and music production built exclusively for CharterOak by German manufacturer MB Quart. Unique features include 5-dimensional “CARDAMATIC” ear cup suspension ensuring a comfortable, individual fit regardless of head size and prevents body noise effects from infiltrating the ear cups; comfortable, “gentle to the skin” hygienic ear pads provide excellent insulation from outside noise without affecting wearer comfort over long periods of time; high-quality drivers featuring ultralight sandwich diaphragms and copper-plated aluminum voice coils; good rejection of outside noise; extended frequency response; and perfect detail.

DACS HEADLITE 2 HEADPHONE AMP: The upgraded HeadLite 2 offers comprehensive headphone monitoring with a 4-input/4-output amp with input selection for each amplifier. New ICs significantly improve overall performance, particularly into low-impedance headphones. It also features conductive plastic pots and a balanced input option using the THAT InGenius IC. AES booth #447.
Dist. by Independent Audio

DIGIGRAM LX6464ES: The LX6464ES EtherSound PCI network soundcard can transmit and receive 64 EtherSound channels, offering a bridge between computer audio apps for recording/playback and an EtherSound network, with DirectSound and ASIO driver support. Also new are three EtherSound-enabled AES/EBU devices: models ES881v2, ES16161v2 and ES1241v2.

DISC MAKERS MEDLEY: The Medley ($1,799) desktop duplicator from Disc Makers not only makes CDs and DVDs, but also features on-disc printing and integrates with iTunes and Windows Media Player. The 9.5x19x17-inch (HxWxD) unit fits in tight spaces and offers a 50-disc capacity, independently mounted disc transport robotics, built-in CMYK 4,800 dpi inkjet printer, one dual-layer capable 18x DVD/48x CD drive. Medley connects to any Windows PC via USB 2 and includes cables, graphics software and one-year warranty/tech support. AES booth #443.

E.A.R. SWIVEL CONNECTION IN-EAR MUSIC MONITORS: In-ear monitoring took a new direction on ease of use and storage when E.A.R. Inc., introduced the Swivel Connection cords and brought them to market within our own high-quality Z Series custom music monitor systems. AES booth #677.

EZQUEST THUNDER PRO RAID TRIPLE INTERFACE: This large-capacity storage solution includes two FireWire 800s, one USB 2 and a front-access FireWire 400. It uses the latest Oxford 924 chip set and has three high-performance, 7,200 rpm SATA II drives with up to 16MB cache buffer. It comes pre-configured as RAID 0 and supports multistream video playback with real-time effects and audio. Drives range from 640 GB to 2 terabytes.

FABRIK SIMPLETECH SIMPLEDRIVE: The Pininfarina-design has the Fabrik SimpleDrive (80 GB $99, 1 TB $450) looking more like a race car than a hard drive, but this head-turner is more than just stylish. The 7200 rpm FireWire/USB 2 desktop drives offer an oval drive capacity meter on the top that surrounds the one-click backup button. The button engages the included One-Click™ backup software, ensuring an easy solution for busy engineers who are looking to keep their data safe. The drive also comes with 2 GB of storage at to store, access, organize and share personal or professional content online.

GLOBALSTOR EXTREMESTORE-iTRAX: Globalstor's über-storage system is equipped with a solid-state 64-bit iSCSI and NAS operating system, offering flexible, secure storage for multiroom recording facilities. The iTrax appears as a local disk drive on any computer connected to the LAN or WAN. Once iSCSI initiators are loaded, every host system on the network can see and share all stored data. So engineers on separate workstations can simultaneously edit and mix different sessions stored on any iTrax server. Servers range from an 8-drive system with RAID protection to a 36-drive version with multiple levels of RAID redundancy. Prices start at $4,995 with 1 TB of usable storage. AES booth #1140.

HHB NEW CD-R MEDIA: HHB expands its range of proven pro media with the CDR80HS 2x-52x high-speed CD-Rs. The CDR80HS CD-Rs are offered as single branded disks in a jewel case or as inkjet printable blanks in 50-disk cakes. All feature the stable Pthalocyanine organic dye and a tough protective coating for an estimated archival life of 100 years. AES booth: 418.

HHB COMPACT FLASH MEDIA: HHB's CFPRO line offers professional-grade, high-speed Compact Flash media, optimized for critical audio/video applications. These 80x rated 1-/2-/8-GB Compact Flash cards feature fast ATA host-to-buffer transfer rates supporting PIO 4 in true IDE mode. The CFPRO packaging includes durable library cases for enhanced protection and can store the paper parts provided for documenting recorded contents. AES booth: 418.
Dist. by Sennheiser

MUSICXPC C5, C5X: Those producing in tight spaces will appreciate the small footprint of MusicXPC's Windows-based computers. The Professional C5 ($1,449) and Professional C5x ($1,749) offer heat-pipe technology, which moves heat away from the CPU without fans. A backup/restore system allows quick recovery from catastrophic failure, a drive crash or even a re-formatting. The C5 has a 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB of RAM and an 18x dual-layer DVD±RW drive. The C5x uses a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor with 2GB RAM. Both use two separate 7,200 rpm hard drives, providing a total of 570 GB of storage, and carry ports for FireWire, USB 2, PCI and Gigabit LAN.

Popless VAC PR40

POPLESS VOICE SCREENS: Upgrade your ON-AIR and studio vocals with the Popless Voice Screens VAC-PR40 pop filter. The VAC-PR40 is designed for the HEIL PR40 and PR30 microphones and clamps onto the HEIL SM2 shockmount. Manufacturing pop filters for the recording and broadcast industry since 1988, all Popless Voice Screens pop filters features Variable Acoustic Compression™. VAC provides adjustable control of pop and sibilance filtering to fit the individual’s voice. MSRP: $77. AES booth #850.

RIEDEL PERFORMER DIGITAL PARTYLINE SERIES: Riedel expands its Performer high-quality digital partyline intercom system, now with 2- and 4-channel master stations, rackmount, wallmount and desktop speaker stations, call light indicators and 2-channel beltpack headset stations. AES booth #1121.

RIEDEL COMMUNICATIONS MADI CARD: The card provides a MADI interface that allows the tight integration of the Artist intercom platform with digital audio router systems. It is now possible to connect intercom panels to the audio router using the router’s infrastructure for panel distribution. The MADI card also furnishes a convenient solution for connecting multichannel audio between the audio router and the intercom system, saving a significant amount of cabling and interfacing costs. AES booth #1121.

SENSAPHONICS 2MAX CUSTOM EARPHONES: Based on its ProPhonic 2X-S model, the 2MAX from Sensaphonics has a high-sensitivity design that's optimized for wireless personal monitors, with more output at lower volume settings. The earphones are molded from soft, transparent silicone for long life, a good seal and comfortable fit. The 2MAX has a stronger, more flexible cable in matte-silver or black. Like all Sensaphonics products, the 2MAX custom earphones can be purchased through the company or its audiologist network. Pro direct pricing is $850.

STUDIO NETWORK SOLUTIONS ELLIPSE HBA, ELLIPSE/SANMP BUNDLE: The new Ellipse Fibre Channel HBA for Mac OS X offers the ability to effortlessly handle uncompressed HD and up to 4k film. Choose from Ellipse single, dual or quad-port 4Gbps PCI Express x8 (Intel and PowerPC) or PCI-X (PowerPC only) bus types, each providing up to 800 Mbytes/s per port. Starting at $799. The new Ellipse HBA and SANmp are the perfect match for your shared storage system. Starting at $1,499. AES booth #661.

ULTRASONE PROLINE HEADPHONES: Updated Proline headphones featuring S-Logic™ technology for unsurpassed sound and safer listening. Features new hard carry case, dual detachable cables and spare ear pads. AES booth #873.

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