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Sep 25, 2007 4:14 PM

The URS M series EQ Bundle includes two 7-band equalizers: MotorCity and Vintage Cinema. The MotorCity EQ is a meticulous digital re-creation of the legendary, custom-built 7-band program equalizers that were used to sculpt and define the sound of the Motown era. The URS Vintage Cinema equalizer digitally re-creates the even rarer 7-band passive equalizers used for film and cinema from the 1930s. Mac OS X and WinXP, Vista TDM, RTAS, Audio Units and VST supported. Ten-day demo available; iLok required. AES booth #701.

ANTARES HARMONY ENGINE: This native $349 plug-in is a real-time Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator featuring four independent formant-corrected harmony voices,humanization features, and a real-time preset system for harmony and vocal type. Its Throat Modeling technology processes each harmony voice through a physical model of the human vocal tract. Other features include Fixed or Scale Intervals, Chord by MIDI, and Spread and Register controls that let users quickly set the pitch range and harmony style of their vocal arrangement. Harmony Engine is available for RTAS (Mac OS X and PC), VST (Mac OS X and PC) and Audio Units (Mac OS X).

CEDAR AUDIO CAMBRIDGE 5: Launching at the 123rd AES Convention, CEDAR Cambridge 5 boasts numerous new features ideal for sound archives and libraries, as well as radical new facilities including batch processing, background processing and multiple instances of CEDAR on a single host system. The full range of CEDAR Cambridge processing modules remains compatible, with enhancements to many of these. Systems are fully modular, so users can specify exactly the configurations required for their specific needs. AES booth #449.

CODING TECHNOLOGIES MPEG SURROUND: Developed by Coding Technologies, Agere, Philips and Fraunhofer, MPEG Surround is a codec agnostic compression technique for delivering multichannel audio signals. The new solution employs MPEG Surround in conjunction with a digital PCM stereo audio signal and a “Buried Data" technique to embed the MPEG Surround parameters into a fully backwards-compatible PCM stereo audio signal. An MPEG Surround decoder can then recreate the full multichannel audio based on the embedded MPEG Surround parameters. AES demo room #2D11.

IK MULTIMEDIA AMPLITUBE JIMI HENDRIX: This simulation plug-in ($249) evokes guitar legend Jimi Hendrix' rig. Based on AmpliTube 2 and made with Authentic Hendrix, LLC, the plug-in re-creates Hendrix's complete guitar amp and effects setup. In addition, it offers more than 20 new models, including the Vox Wah V846, Maestro FuzzTone, Univox Uni-Vibe, several Roger Mayer fuzz stomp pedals, the Marshall 1959 JTM100 Super Lead and more. Modules include a tuner, stomp effects, amp heads, cabinet/mics and rack effects. AES booth #1100.

KJAERHUS MPL-1 MASTERING PLUG-IN: This plug-in's oversampled peak-detecting algorithm is designed for no overshoot or clipping in the final D/A conversion and a new stereo linking technique allowing peaks to be limited individually on each channel, while longer-lasting overall gain reductions are linked. A Program Dependent Release function minimizes pumping and increases loudness. The MPL-1 offers TPDF-dithering for 8, 16 and 24-bit output resolution. Four stereo meters show peak input and output levels, as well as compression and RMS output. Prices: VST/Audio Units/Windows, $98; Mac OS X VST/RTAS/Audio Units, $118.

METRIC HALO UNIVERSAL BINARY CHANNELSTRIP 2.2: Metric Halo now offers ChannelStrip 2.2 for all Mac-formats—AU, MAS, VST and GarageBand, along with ChannelStrip 2.2 for RTAS and TDM. The Universal Binary ChannelStrip 2.2 now lets users of VST-only hosts (such as Cubase and Nuendo) to fully utilize their Intel-based Macs when mixing with ChannelStrip. The 2.2 update is free to all registered OS X ChannelStrip users. AES booth #559.

METRIC HALO CHANNELSTRIP 2.2: Metric Halo’s award-winning ChannelStrip plug-in—featuring high-end EQ, compression mand gating—has been upgraded to Version 2.2 and is now available for Audio Units, MAS, VST and GarageBand, in addition to RTAS and TDM. ChannelStrip 2.2 is a Universal Binary and provides a large number of significant enhancements and bug fixes. The 2.2 update is freely available to all registered OS X users of ChannelStrip. AES booth #559.

REAL SOUND LAB PRO CONEQ EQ MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY: CONEQ™ technology synthesizes an ultrahigh-resolution, 4096-point inverse response curve based on the world’s first practical Acoustic Power Response measurement system. Unlike SPL measurements, CONEQ gathers the true power response of a loudspeaker or loudspeaker array as the foundation of its correction. CONEQ is equally useful for live sound, recorded sound and broadcast systems. The result is an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy. Unlike other high-resolution correction systems, CONEQ introduces negligible latency. AES booth #669 and 3D07.

ROGER NICHOLS DIGITAL SPL-IZER: This adjustable 3-band 24dB/octave FIR frequency splitter allows three bands to be isolated/routed to aux or instrument tracks for separate processing. Applications include reverb auxes, for no reverb on the low end, the original reverb on the mids and the same reverb but with reduced decay on the high end, or an acoustic guitar with the low end muted, mids unaffected and a short echo/chorus only on the highs. Spl-izer is available in RTAS , VST an AU for Mac platforms and RTAS and VST for Windows XP and Vista. Retail: $129. AES booth #776.

SFX BACKWARDS MACHINE: The Backwards Machine ($35) from SFX Machine reverses and overlaps snippets of the incoming audio to produce an ongoing backward effect. Other features include the Reverser, which switches audio backward or forward without clicks or glitches; Time, which controls the delay time or the length of each audio snippet; Feedback Depth, and separate Wet Mix and Dry Mix controls.

STARPLUGS QUANTUM LIMITER: This instantiate-and-forget limiter from Starplugs ($39.59) boasts no distortion, no pumping, no ducking, no delay and an easy-set GUI that eschews the usual settings associated with other hardware or software limiters. The company claims this VST plug "listens" to your track and assesses the best possible limiting solution for the situation. Features include 1-sample reaction time, audio-related attack/release/hold times, a stereo link button and separate output level and gain reduction meters.

UNIVERSAL AUDIO 88RS, LA3A PLUG-INS: These two plug-ins for Universal Audio's UAD DSP system model legacy hardware from Neve and Teletronix. The Neve 88RS plug-in channel ($299; Audio Units/VST/RTAS) offers EQ and dynamics from Neve's flagship analog console, including 4-band parametric EQ with high- and low-shelf filters and a limiter/compressor, gate/expander dynamics section. The LA3A compressor ($149; Audio Units/VST/RTAS) features gain and peak reduction controls, plus a limit/compress switch, and is modeled from a "golden" vintage unit in UA's own collection of hardware.

UNIVERSAL AUDIO NEVANA X2: Two PCIe DSP cards, Neve 1073/SE, 1081, 33609/SE, 88RS (seven plug-ins!) and UA Mix Essentials. UAD $200 voucher for more plug-ins. Create a virtual Neve 88RS console with up to 26 mono or 18 stereo (36 channels) at 44.1k. Expand with UAD-1 PCI, UAD-1e PCIe or UAD-Xpander for up to four UADs per system. Price: $1,799.

URS CLASSIC CONSOLE STRIP PRO: This ultimate multi-console-in-the-box plug-in offers four vintage recording consoles, program EQs and racks of outboard gear—a revolutionary new way of combining classic sounds into one unified channel strip. Create hundreds of custom console starting points from the almost never-ending palette of choices, all with near-zero latency and full 48-bit double-precision processing. Thirty selectable input stage algorithms. Sixty outboard compressor/limiter starting points. Five selectable EQ section algorithms per band. Ten-day demo available; iLok required. AES booth #701.

VORTEX SURROUND DESIGNER: This generates psychoacoustic cues to create a surround panning effect from mono and stereo sound files. Pitch, reverb and amplitude variations create Doppler shifts that are edited in a graphic authoring window. The associated panning breakpoints and DSP envelopes are saved to separate files, so all spatialization instructions can be edited or re-used, leaving the original sound file unchanged. It's compatible with AIFF, WAV and SDII file formats.

WAVES API COLLECTION: Developed with Automated Processes Inc., the API Collection features four precision processors based on renowned API modules: the 550A 3-band equalizer, the 550B 4-band equalizer, the 560 graphic equalizer and the 2500 stereo compressor. Used by engineers worldwide on countless hit records, these modules deliver a sound like no other. And with the API Collection, Waves captures every nuance of their unique sonic signatures. AES booth #1012.

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