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Big Apple Facts

  • At last count there were 8,643,437 people in the five boroughs. That’s why we always have room for a few more at the AES convention!
  • High population density
    The total area is 301 square miles, with Manhattan accounting for just 22.7 square miles.

  • Full of it
    NYC produces a whopping 26,400,000 pounds of garbage per day.

  • Hot in the City
    An average NYC city street has a surface temperature of 150 degrees on a hot summer day. Since eggs fry at 145 degrees or so, you need only crack one right onto Broadway for a hot, delicious breakfast.
  • First!
    The first apartment house in NYC wasn’t built that long ago, if you think about it: 1869. It was on East 18th Street near Irving Place.
  • Mass Transit
    There are currently 469 subway stations in el Big Apple. Apparently, an average of 80 women per year go into labor on said subways.
  • Bust-ted
    Almost 3,700 buses crawl the streets of New York. Standards for driving are high, with 15% of bus-driver applicants failing their training period. Did you know that the MTA pays NYC delis $50 to allow their drivers to use their bathrooms along the way? NEITHER DID WE.

  • Death Cab So Cutie
    About 200 million people ride in cabs each year, with cabbies picking up an average of 30 fares per day. With 12-hour shifts, cabbies travel an average of 141 days, grossing an average of $190 daily in fares and tips for their considerable trouble. Only 10% of cabbies are American-born.
  • Chess-ter
    NYC was the location of the first-ever American chess tournament, held in 1943.
  • In the Toilet
    And finally…the great Joseph C. Gayetty of NYC was the inventor of toilet paper in 1857. Now you’ll really feel at home in the great bathrooms of Javits.

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