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Every microphone created by Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics (BLUE) is a work of art, visually as well as sonically, so it's hardly surprising that

Snapshot Product Reviews

By Mix Staff | May 01, 2002

AUDIO-TECHNICA 30 SERIES CONDENSER MICROPHONES Audio-Technica's 30 Series condenser mics offer extended frequency response, high-SPL handling, excellent

Zaxcom Digital Wireless Mics


Bear with me on this one. A couple years ago, I was working on location in New York City. While shooting exteriors with Ian Holm and Stanley Tucci, my

AKG C-451 B

BY BARRY RUDOLPH | Apr 01, 2002

Although the mic was designed as an homage to its famed ancestry, I'm glad AKG chose not to call the new C-451 B a reissue microphone. The C-451 B is

Neumann M150 in a Decca Tree Configuration

BY TY FORD | Apr 01, 2002

At $5,300 (including suspension-mount, vintage-style power supply, multiconductor cable and aluminum flight case), the Neumann M150 small-diaphragm, transformerless,

Audix SCX-25

BY TY FORD | Apr 01, 2002

In a market awash with lowball Neumann wannabe lookalikes, the Audix SCX-25 is a refreshing sight and looks like no mic I've ever seen. With its two identical

Shure KSM27

BY BARRY RUDOLPH | Jan 01, 2002

I can't help but feel the love from a company that broadens its product line by offering a lower-priced model that could directly compete with its existing

Field Test: Shure PSM400

By Mark Frink | May 01, 2001

After the first week of rehearsal for last year's k.d. lang tour, the background singers decided that they would be better off with in-ear monitors (IEMs).

Field Test: Beyerdynamic Opus 69 and 81

By Robert Hanson | Apr 01, 2001

Beyerdynamic's latest performance mics are the Opus 69 and the Opus 81. The $299 69 is a supercardioid dynamic intended for live sound applications, ranging


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