Field Test: Mackie HR626

By Daniel Keller | Sep 01, 2003

Let's face it, monitor reviews are tough. Trying to describe with words how something sounds is like the old tale about the four blind men and the elephant:

Field Test: Alesis ProActive 5.1

By George Petersen | Sep 01, 2003

At Winter NAMM this year, after giving Alesis' ProActive 5.1 system a quick listen on the noisy show floor, I thought this 450-watt, THX-certified surround system was “nice,”

Earthworks Sigma 6.2 Monitors

BY MICHAEL COOPER | Mar 01, 2003

Highly regarded as a manufacturer of precision microphones and mic preamps, Earthworks now turns its attention to the opposite end of the signal chain:

Wharfedale Diamond Series 8.1

BY BARRY RUDOLPH | Dec 01, 2002

Wharfedale's Diamond Series was introduced in 1981 and with each new iteration, continues to win hi-fi magazine awards for its great sound and value.

Dynaudio Acoustics AIR 6


It's often said that there's nothing new in studio monitors. Even with today's improved driver materials, high-efficiency amps and CAD-derived enclosures,

SLS Pro Studio S8R Monitors


SLS has produced sound reinforcement speakers for more than 25 years, but the Pro Studio S8R is its first foray into the studio monitor market. One look

Emes Owl Speaker System

BY BARRY RUDOLPH | Nov 01, 2002

The Owl Speaker System is an active, two-way studio monitor loudspeaker system that projects a stereo sound image from a single enclosure. This new system

Mackie HR624/HRS120

BY ROBERT HANSON | Jul 01, 2002

It's no secret that near-field monitoring has its limitations. Creating an accurate listening environment in less-than-ideal surroundings can be a maddening

Field Test: Bag End TA-6000

By Mark Frink | Mar 01, 2002

Bag End has earned its reputation as a manufacturer of compact loudspeaker enclosures featuring accurate sound reproduction. The company offers a wide


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