Tech: New Products, August 2011

Following the release of its Vintage 47 and Vintage 67 inspired by classic Neumann originals, JZ Microphones now offers a version of the legendary AKG C12. The Vintage 12 ($1,913) employs JZ’s Gold

JZ Microphones Vintage 12
Following the release of its Vintage 47 and Vintage 67 inspired by classic Neumann originals, JZ Microphones now offers a version of the legendary AKG C12. The Vintage 12 ($1,913) employs JZ’s Golden Drop Technology, which promises a more detailed and transparent capsule response. The V12 replaces the original C12 tubes with high-quality transistor technology, providing equivalent frequency response with fewer maintenance and care issues. The large-capsule, fixed-cardioid condenser is available directly from the JZ Microphones site.

Crysonic Spectraphy V2 Plug-In
The Spectra’phy Version 2 ($144) is Crysonic’s second-generation, look-ahead brickwall audio limiter/maximizer targeted toward mastering, mixing, tracking and general audio/music production. Sprectra’phy uses a special physics engine (Nephilim Audio) to accurately simulate multiple response signals to maximize the perceived signal volume, as well as to “brick wall” upper limit to peak set levels. Final response curves are computed on the analysis of multiple simulations, each having different characteristics that are driven mainly by incoming transient signals concurrently. This approach tends to produce a more natural sound, almost completely eliminating the risk of introducing audible nonlinear distortion. Features include a new UI, crossover filter frequency-selection component and 64-bit internal precision.

Vienna Symphonic Library Hybrid Reverb
The VSL Hybrid Reverb ($745) combines convolution impulses with algorithmic reverb tails, providing extremely flexible editing options in an easy-to-use and intuitive plug-in. The GUI is divided into two pages: “Browse View” features a Hybrid overview display—an overlay of both reverb envelopes with fast and intuitive access to the most important parameters—while “Edit View” provides extremely flexible editing options in two separate convolution and algorithmic sections. Users will benefit from a variety of presets in the categories of Room, Chamber, Church, Hall, Plate and Scoring.

Sanken CS-1E Microphone
Sanken Microphones (distributed by plus24), headquartered in Tokyo, has introduced the new CS-1e ($850) short shotgun microphone based on the popular CS-1. This version features a longer reach and sharper directivity, making it suitable for a wide range of streamlined video productions. Features include short 7-inch length and lighter weight, extended low-frequency response, wide 50-20k Hz frequency range and standard XLR connection.

IK Multimedia Black 76, White 2A Plug-Ins
IK Multimedia has released two new T-RackS mixing plug-ins modeled on two of the world’s most renowned analog compressors: the Black 76 limiting amplifier and the White 2A leveling amplifier. Both are available as single plug-ins ($99) or can be integrated in the new T-RackS suite of mixing and mastering effects, now updated with 64-bit compatibility. The Black 76, modeled after an 1176 (specifically, LN rev E), is designed to mimic the unit’s signature input transformer and Class-A output stage. The White 2A is meant to impersonate the signature sound of an LA-2A and parodies a tube amp with photo-resistors, lighted by a fluorescent panel driven by the output signal.

Harrison MixBus 2
The Mixbus 2 ($219) DAW from Harrison offers a variety of improvements for mixing and editing. New features include eight mix bus sends; plug-in effect control sliders, allowing users to map plug-in controls directly to controls on the mixer strip; input trim; makeup gain; sidechain; and master limiter controls available directly from the Mixer window. Other upgrades include improved mixer navigation and display, including narrow mixer strip and the ability to show/hide mix buses as needed; a new phase-correlation meter; and polarity (phase) buttons for each mixer strip. Mixbus 2 is available as a direct download from Harrison’s site.

Radial Workhorse WR8, WM8
Radial Engineering has released the stand-alone Workhorse WR8 ($799) 500 Series rack and optional WM8 ($799) 8-channel summing mixer. The WR8 is an 8-slot 500 Series mixer that is 100-percent compatible with all standard 500 Series modules. Individual XLR inputs and outputs are complemented with parallel ¼-inch TRS connectors and Pro Tools–compatible 25-pin D-Subs. Like the fully implemented Workhorse with mixer, a special Feed function allows modules to be connected in series without having to hard-patch using a cable. Should the user wish to add the optional Workhorse 8-channel mixer section, a step-by-step mixer installation slide show can be found on Radial’s site.

SHD2ch ($TBA) from MCAudioLab is a dual-channel, vacuum tube–based (nonlinear) audio distortion amplifier. Each channel offers independent control over second-order harmonic distortion (0.5% to 99%). Features include Class-A circuitry; independent, switchable bypass; peak LED meters; output level control with +6dB gain; fully balanced line level input and output (XLR); and a 2U solid-metal frame unit with internal power supply.

Outline ISM
Comprising the iSM 112 (12-inch woofer, 1.4-inch HF driver, 132dB SPL), iSM 115 (750W LF and 400W HF) and iSM 212 (1,050W LF and 570W HF), Outline’s iSM Series offers full remote control of speaker parameters via the integrated iMode Intelligent Digital Loudspeaker Control Platform; an LED array on both sides of each cab provide visual system status. Linear response is +/-3 dB between 76 Hz and 15.5 kHz, and linear phase response of +/-45 degrees between 500 Hz and 16 kHz. Each model is fitted with eight mounting points for wheels or flying rings, plus two integrated recessed handles.

Bosch LB3-PC
LB3-PC loudspeakers from Bosch Security Systems are available in two two-way configurations: LB3-PC250 (12-inch/250W) and LB3-PC350 (15-inch/350W). Each model is equipped with a 1-inch high-frequency compression driver that is protected against incidental overload by a self-restoring protection device. The transformer accepts signals between 40 Hz and 22 kHz at 100V or 70V. They are suitable for music and speech reproduction for mobile or fixed install applications—indoors or outdoors—and come with pole-mount and flypoints.

Harman HiQNet System Architect Version 3
Version 3 of this system configuration software provides Audio Video Bridging (AVB) capabilities, as well as support for dbx SC 32 and SC 64 digital matrix processors and the BSS Audio/NetGear GS724T 24-port Ethernet AVB switch. Signals are routed by dragging and dropping from a filterable list of available source AVB signals onto the destination device icon in the main workspace, singly or multiple at a time. Releasing the mouse launches a pop-up routing dialog for the destination device and signals are assigned to available channel inputs. AVB enables time-synchronized, ultra-low-latency audio and video signals to be distributed over IEEE 802 Ethernet networks.

Electro-Voice R300
Featuring One-Touch ClearScan™ and EZsync™, the R300 wireless mic system comprises the receiver system, BP-300 bodypack (two preconfigured systems available, either a lapel or headworn mic), and HT-300 handheld transmitter with PL22 dynamic mic capsule. It offers 14 hours of battery life from two AA alkalines, and features 32 preset channels with compatible groups of eight channels for simulatenous use. A detachable half-wave receiver TNC antennae offers use with APD4+ antenna distribution system.

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