Tech: New Products, September 2011

Steinberg has released the RND (Rupert Neve Designs) Portico 5033 and RND Portico 5043 ($799, bundle), two signal-processor plug-ins reflecting the close cooperation between Rupert Neve, Yamaha and S

Steinberg/RND Portico 5033, 5043 Plug-Ins
Steinberg has released the RND (Rupert Neve Designs) Portico 5033 and RND Portico 5043 ($799, bundle), two signal-processor plug-ins reflecting the close cooperation between Rupert Neve, Yamaha and Steinberg. The RND Portico 5033 is a 5-band equalizer with three fully parametric filters and one band each of high- and low-shelving filters. The RND Portico 5043 plug-in is a high-end compressor featuring two entirely different characteristics: feed-forward and feed-back. By incorporating the punch, warmth and clarity of its hardware counterpart, this plug-in promises uncompromising compression quality for various applications. RND Portico 5033, RND Portico 5043 and the 5033/5043 bundle are available as a boxed version from authorized Steinberg resellers or as boxed and download version from the Steinberg Online Shop.

sE RN17 SP Microphones
sE Electronics has released another mic in collaboration with Rupert Neve. The SE RN17 SP ($3,149) comes as a stereo pair and features the world’s smallest gold-sputtered capsule coupled to the world’s largest transformer. It promises extended high frequencies, incredible dynamic range, and a massive, rich and warm low end. The RN17 SP ships with factory-matched cardioid capsules in a beautiful custom wooden box and includes two custom sE shockmounts and a stereo mounting bar—all in a striking, rugged flight case.

Shure SRH940 Headphones
The Shure SRH940 ($375) professional reference headphones promise to be your headworn everything with accurate frequency response, tight bass and smooth high-end extension with minimal distortion. Their collapsible, lightweight design sports a premium padded headband for superior comfort and portability. Accessories include a threaded, ¼-inch gold-plated adapter, two detachable cables (straight and coiled), a replacement set of velour ear pads, and a zippered, hard travel case.

Propellerhead Balance Audio Interface
Propellerhead Software has released its first hardware interface, Balance ($499). The slick-looking, 2-in/2-out desktop I/O box is integrated with Reason Essentials Software and is compatible with Mac and Windows. Fully USB 2–powered with separate volume controls for monitors and headphones, Balance contains eight input connections to keep all instruments, mics and devices connected and ready to record with the press of a button—without software pop-ups or control panels. Hardware buttons on Balance bring up a large meter/tuner in Reason and also can enable “Clip Safe,” Propellerhead’s new recording technology that with one click heals clipped recorded audio.  

CAD 10th-Anniversary GLX Mics
To commemorate one of its most popular and best-selling lines, CAD Audio introduces the new 10th-anniversary GXL Black Pearl Mics and Studio Packs. Compact and road-rugged, the GXL1200BP ($79.99) condenser features a transformerless design and a fixed cardioid pattern. The GXL1200BP’s small size, accuracy and high-SPL capability make it ideal for miking overheads, hi-hats, cymbals and stringed instruments. The GXL2200BP ($99.99) is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that features a 1-inch gold vapor–deposited diaphragm promising exceptional sensitivity and low distortion. The GXL3000BP ($139.99) features a precision-engineered, 1-inch gold vapor–deposited multipattern (cardioid, omni, figure-8) dual-diaphragm capsule. All the mics come in a black-pearl chrome finish and include a shockmount or mic clip, vinyl pouch and polishing cloth.

DNR Collaborative Designs MixControl Pro
MixControl Pro ($129) is a successor to DNR’s flagship mixing plug-in package, offering a complete high-quality, professional channel strip featuring flexible module processing and pristine audio quality. New features and improvements include high-quality oversampling, two new professional UI layouts, three unique analog-style saturation modes and a much more responsive FFT analyzer. Other features include solo for individual EQ bands, three new saturation modes, gate wet/dry-mixing function and full V1 backward-compatibility. MixControl Pro is available for purchase from DNR’s Webshop.

Merging Technologies Ovation
Ovation ($1,120 to $6,960) from Merging Technologies is a media server and sequencer that provides a new and robust platform for use in any live, fixed install, or TV and radio production. It combines the power of MassCore DSP, virtually limitless I/O and busing, full VST support and complete integration with the Pyramix Virtual Studio editing system. Ovation can be operated as a media sequencer by using its own Show Controller Engine through a powerful, intuitive and fully customizable user interface specially designed to be accessible from any touchscreen or tactile devices, or simply as a pure, “Black-Box”-like, Media Server, transparently remote controlled by all of the most popular protocols.

Electronaut M63 Preamp
The M63 ($3,495) 2-channel microphone/instrument amplifier from Electronaut features Lundahl amorphous-core transformers; 63 dB of gain; slow-start tube-rectified high-voltage power supply; and phantom power with ramped start/stop action. Other features include two level controls per channel, Sifam VU meters, switchable 20dB pad, small-signal relays with gold-plated contacts, new-production Daka-Ware knobs and an optional custom case.

New Sound Reinforcement Products

Lectrosonics 64-Bit-Compatible
New 64-bit-compatible software for Lectrosonics’ DM Series processors and Venue receivers includes a new USB driver package that supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, as well as 32-bit Windows XP. Also included is the LecNet™2 Driver Installer program, which pre-installs the USB driver package on a PC prior to use. The programs communicate with either the USB or the RS-232-compatible interface built into LecNet2 components. The LecNet2 control panel programs remain unchanged, but the application “Help” USB driver installation topics have been updated. The LecNet2 programs contained in the new distribution are backward-compatible with the old 32-bit driver package. The updates are available as a CD-ROM image (.iso) file download. Once downloaded, the image file is burned to a blank CD-R disk and the software installer can be run as usual. Instructions for using the new USB driver installer are available on the Lectrosonics site.

EAW VG Series
This new series from EAW comprises five VFR two-way, full-range loudspeakers (VFR159 15-inch, VFR129 12-inch, VFR109 10-inch, VFR89 8-inch and VFR69 6-inch; all passive); two VFS subwoofers (VFS220 double 12-inch and VFS250 double 15-inch); and three VSM two-way stage monitors (VSM159 15-inch, VSM129 12-inch and VSM109 10-inch). The boxes can be configured as clusters and arrays, matching speaker/subwoofer pairs or stand-alone units. The VFR159 and VFR129 ship with a 90x60-degree horn that can be field-replaced with a 60x40-degree horn. All models will be available soon in black or white finish.

RapcoHorizon DesignVision
With this panel-design program (Windows), users can create custom installation diagrams (rack panels, wall plates, floor pocket inserts, etc.)—no CAD experience necessary. To create a system design, a user simply selects the preferred panel and uses the drag-and-drop feature to place the desired connectors directly on the panel. By using a basic set of design tools, the user can even create a template for engraving. When the drawing is complete, the dealer can email a PDF and an accurate price quote to the tour manager for approval. Once approved, the integrator can email the same design with its full bill of materials to his/her RapcoHorizon sales representative. The software is available for free download at the company’s site.

WorxAudio I/O-4
With its injection molded, high-impact polycarbonate enclosure, the new small-format SR system from WorxAudio is available in black or white, and includes a standard mounting bracket with weather-resistant, stainless-steel hardware for flexible aiming and easy installation. Geared for use in 100-volt distributed audio systems, the I/O-4 ($230) employs a multi-tap transformer defined for 50, 25, 12 and 5-watt settings. The new I/O-4 may also be easily configured for a standard low-impedance direct input. It uses a two-element array of high-output, 4-inch LF transducers. The horn-loaded HF waveguide (1-inch driver incorporating a titanium diaphragm) is positioned between the two elements. The three-way, full-range bass-reflex enclosure provides Push Terminal connectors at the rear for easy system connection. The loudspeaker’s frequency response ranges from 75-19k Hz.

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