Robair Report: In the Know

By Gino Robair | Jun 01, 2014

This fact seems obvious, yet it surprises many when they hear it: In the beginning, people who wanted to make recordings built their own gear to meet their needs.

Tech Talk: On Being a Sponge

By Kevin Becka | Jun 01, 2014

Everyone knows the Chinese blessing/curse, “May you live in interesting times.” For me, the polarity-flipped blessing would be, “May you always be surrounded by those smarter than yourself.” For...

June 2014 Editor's Note: My Kind of Town

By Tom Kenny | Jun 01, 2014

It has been a lot of fun talking about Chicago this past month while putting together our Regional pages. The weekly editorial meetings were peppered with stories from Blair Jackson, who located...

May 2014 Editor's Note: A Couple Days in Denmark

By Tom Kenny | May 01, 2014

I’ve been at Mix for 25 years, and last month I went on my first real junket. I have no moral objection to journalists accepting trips from sources or advertisers. None at all. I know that travel...

April 2014 Editor's Note: The Importance of Source

By Tom Kenny | Apr 01, 2014

A two-day visit to Sonic Ranch in West Texas, on the dry open lands of the Rio Grande Valley, got me thinking about source. There’s lots of time to think out there, amid the 2,000 acres of pecan...

Robair Report: The N-Word

By Gino Robair | Apr 01, 2014

We got into the audio biz because we enjoy certain aspects of the job. It might have been the creative parts, the joys of problem solving or perhaps the glamor of working with famous and talented...

March 2014 Editor's Note: The Middle Child

By Tom Kenny | Mar 01, 2014

While the four mastering engineers pictured on this month’s cover are certainly deserving, each with an extensive and stellar body of work, I admit, as I did to them, that I had my reservations....

Tech Talk: Old Tricks, New Dogs

By Kevin Becka | Mar 01, 2014

All through high school and years beyond, I played in bands. I made my living that way. When I first moved to L.A. after a year of college, it was to study with great guitar players and interact...

February 2014 Editor's Note: Science and Emotion

By Tom Kenny | Feb 01, 2014

The best thing about being editor of Mix is that I get to meet such a wide variety of creative, smart, interesting, technical, curious, articulate, well-rounded, passionate and simply fascinating...


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