TechTalk: The Tower Is Dead

By Kevin Becka | May 02, 2013

Last month I wrote about the anticipation surrounding the release of Pro Tools 11 and the next Mac Pro computer Apple will release to appease the audio community—if that is still an option; maybe I...

May 2013 Editor's Note: To Phil Ramone, a Toast!

By Tom Kenny | May 01, 2013

Phil Ramone was special in so many ways. In the days and weeks following his passing on March 30, as the stories and remembrances made their way across our industry and out into the world, it...

Current: News May 2013

By the Mix Editors | May 01, 2013

Sweetwater’s annual two-day music and music technology showcase, GearFest, is already billed as the largest end-user festival of its kind in the country, and it just keeps getting bigger.

SPARS Sound Bite: Choosing a Studio

By Pat McMakin | May 01, 2013

What do an iPad, a spare bedroom, a converted garage and Abbey Road Studios have in common? They are all recording studios (of sorts). When to use which version of a studio is a frequent topic of...

Nashville News & Notes

By The Mix Editors | May 01, 2013

Welcome to 1979, the decidedly analog Nashville facility owned and operated by Chris Mara, recently acquired a restored Neumann VMS 70 disk-cutting system and this month will start offering lacquer...

April 2013 Editor's Note: It's Television, Not Broadcast

By Tom Kenny | Apr 01, 2013

I am a big fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones. I’ve read the five books, and I’ve watched from the beginning, live on Sunday nights (okay, I have relied on my DVR and On Demand occasionally)....

Robair Report: Managing Risk

By Gino Robair | Apr 01, 2013

The old saw that “routine is the enemy of art” seems to be at odds with modern recording technology. Musicians work hard to find the right balance of predictability and surprise, yet the tools we...

TechTalk: AAA: Avid Apple Anticipation

By Kevin Becka | Apr 01, 2013

If any of the numerous rumors I’ve heard are true, April should be the month when Apple releases its long-awaited MacPro tower upgrade and Avid launches Pro Tools 11. Both companies can rest...

TechTalk: The Price of Capability

By Kevin Becka | Mar 01, 2013

Some recent observations have gotten me thinking about how we as audio pros must adapt to gear as it becomes more capable. The price we pay is the learning curve, constructing new ways of working...

On the Cover: Vintage King Los Angeles

By Tom Kenny | Mar 01, 2013

In a technology industry that has maintained its foundation built on boutique gear, VKLA makes sense. The mom and pop pro audio stores, the ones based on personal contact and trusted opinion built...


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