Native Instruments Vokator

By John McJunkin | Aug 01, 2003

Virtual Vocoder/Processor/Synth/Sampler Today, improved technology has resulted in much more powerful vocoders than their disco/new wave-era counterparts ever hoped to be.

Eventide ClockWorks Legacy Plug-Ins

BY KEVIN BECKA | Jul 01, 2003

It would be hard to find anyone who's worked in and around pro studios during the past 30 years who hasn't used an Eventide product.

PSPaudioware VintageWarmer

BY MICHAEL COOPER | Jul 01, 2003

PSPaudioware's VintageWarmer plug-in delivers creamy-sounding dynamics processing in two flavors: via its wideband compression (with shelving pre-equalization) and multiband compression modes (the...

McDSP Synthesizer One Version 2

BY ERIK HAWKINS | Jun 01, 2003

There are plenty of native virtual instruments in a rainbow of formats, but the development of software instruments for TDM has been largely neglected.

Lexicon 960L Digital Effects System, V. 4.0


Once upon a time, all digital effects devices were rigid, fixed devices. However, flexible effects systems such as Lexicon's 960L allow existing customers

Field Test: Antares Kantos Plug-In

BY ERIK HAWKINS | Jan 01, 2003

From the company that brought us Auto-Tune and Mic Modeler comes a brand-new mind-warping, sound-bending plug-in, Kantos. The basic function of this sci-fi-looking

Audio Ease Altiverb 1.4

BY ERIK HAWKINS | Jul 01, 2002

The ability to sample the reverb of an environment and then use that sample to recreate the location's reverb in your studio is an amazing engineering

Antares Vocal Producer AVP-1

BY NICK BATZDORF | Jun 01, 2002

You see plug-in versions of hardware products all the time, but it's almost man bites dog for a company to come out with hardware versions of their software

Native Instruments Spektral Delay 1.0

BY BARRY RUDOLPH | May 01, 2002

Spektral Delay is a Pro Tools stereo delay plug-in that divides incoming audio into up to 1,024 discrete frequency bands with separate modulation effects,


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