Alcons VR12

The VR12 is a two-way compact multipurpose loudspeaker for both portable and permanent applications. 2/18/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

The VR12 is a two-way compact multipurpose loudspeaker for bothportable and permanent applications. Featuring the Alcons RBN601 ribbondriver, the VR12 is ideal for applications where high-output, veryhigh-fidelity sound reinforcement is needed.

The VR12 features a 6-inch pro ribbon driver with“Real-90” horizontal dispersion for MF/HF and a 12-inchmid-bass driver for LF. The frequency response is 60 to 20k Hz. (+-3dB), with a peak power output of 134 dB.

The asymmetrical enclosure and the 90-degree revolvable wave-guidemake the VR12 ideal as compact front-of-house system, fill-in cabinetand a high-power floor monitor. In installations, this also offers veryflexible (ceiling/wall) mounting. The cabinet is standard equipped with6-position fly track, stand-mount adapter and single-stud tiltpoint.

Part of the RBN601 is the unique “HempHorn,™” awave guide is made of a new combination of composite materials withnatural hemp-fiber structures, and features the same stiffness asconventional (glass-fiber) horns, but is characterized with a muchhigher internal damping (at same weight). The HempHorn for the VR12 isavailable in 90x40- or 60x30-degree configuration.

The VR12 is to be powered by the 2x 1kW ALC2 (or 2x 2kW ALC4)amplified controller. The SpeakerDriveProcessing™ circuit of theALC offers dedicated protection and filtering, with remote systemequalizing. By fully utilizing the individual speaker components’efficiency, this results in dramatically increased headroom SPL.

The SignalIntegritySensing™ prewiring of the VR12 ensurescomplete cable/connector compensation between VR12 and the ALCcontroller amplifier, resulting in a damping factor of 10.000 for verytight and accurate mid and bass reproduction.

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