Allen & Heath iDR System Virtual Controller

Allen & Heath has developed the PL Designer and PL Client software for its new iDR DSP audio system, allowing the user to design and operate virtual "wall 7/07/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

Allen & Heath has developed the PL Designer and PL Clientsoftware for its new iDR DSP audio system, allowing the user to designand operate virtual "wall plates."

The software runs on Windows operating systems and provides the userwith PC remote control of the iDR system over an Ethernet link, whichcan be used in place of, or in combination with, the hardware PL rangeof wall plates.

The PL Designer application allows the installer to configurevirtual wall plates to control all of the functions of the iDR system,including input and output levels, zoning facilities and pagingsystems, as well as triggering external systems interfacing with theiDR such as curtains, lighting, alarms, a jukebox or CD player. Theinstaller can set the functions to be controlled by the end-user andalso limit certain functions that may harm the system. The savedconfiguration can be opened in PL Client, the access package thatprovides the end-user with control of the iDR system, through a singlePC or multiple-networked computers.

PL Designer and PL Client are bundled with a new release of the iDRSystem Manager software (Version 3.2) and accessed through a link inthe Toolbar menu.

Further information and a free trial download of V. 3.2 is availableat PL Client runs free of chargefor 10 days. Thereafter, a key to enable the software to be usedpermanently is available to buy online.

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