Audio-Technica Artist Elite 5000 Series Wireless System

Designed for use in high-traffic audio environments, Audio-Technica’s Artist Elite® 5000 Series Wireless System, when combined with its new AT899 Subminiature 10/21/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

Designed for use in high-traffic audio environments,Audio-Technica’s Artist Elite® 5000 Series Wireless System,when combined with its new AT899 Subminiature Lavalier and twoAEW-T1000 UniPak™ transmitters, provides a wireless system with ahigh-quality, inconspicuous lavalier mic.

The system starts with the AT899cW Subminiature OmnidirectionalCondenser Microphone, which is available in either black or theaterbeige (AT899cW-TH). Intended for high-quality, unobtrusive operation,the AT899cW provides maximum intelligibility and measures a 5 mm indiameter. The subminiature omni element is enclosed in a rugged,low-profile housing with internal construction designed to minimizenoise from handling, clothing, costumes and wind. It includes acomplete accessory kit with single- and double-mounts, clothing clip,viper clip, magnetic clip (black mic only), two open-pore foamwindscreens, and two metal-mesh element covers to protect the condenserelement from moisture, makeup and other contaminants.

Audio-Technica’s Artist Elite 5000 Series Wireless Systemoffers true-diversity, frequency-agile operation withIntelliScan™ frequency selection for a choice of 200 selectableUHF channels. The 5000 Series also features PC-compatible controlsoftware, easy setup and maximum operational flexibility.

Specifically applicable for theater and event productions, theAEW-5111 UHF Wireless Dual-UniPak™ Transmitter System includes anAEW-R5200 true-diversity frequency-agile dual receiver and twoAEW-T1000 UniPak transmitters. The heart of the system is the AEW-R5200receiver, which comprises two independent receivers in a singlefull-rack housing. Two hundred selectable UHF channels are offered inthe range of 655.500 to 680.375 MHz (TV channels 44 through 49), withan operational range in excess of 300 feet. Receivers may be linked toform a complete system in which the built-in IntelliScan capabilityautomatically determines and sets the best available frequencies on alllinked receivers, minimizing interference and intermodulation.IntelliScan allows the sound designer to build an entire frequency planwithout using traditional frequency charts, books or Websites.

An AC passthrough system allows multiple receivers to be poweredusing only one outlet. Receivers also include Ethernet ports, allowingmonitoring of system parameters via the included PC software. By usingstandard low-cost, "off-the-shelf" Ethernet hardware, cables androuter, the sound designer has the ability for remote control of theentire wireless system from a PC. This provides instant access from thesound booth to assign names to receivers, monitor RF and audio levels,check battery life, and perform frequency scans and walkout tests.Dual-band compander circuitry compresses and expands low- andhigh-frequency audio signals separately, minimizing artifacts such aspumping and breathing. The digital Tone Lock™ squelch systemignores RF that does not carry the wanted signal’s uniquesignature, and a digital ID signal carried by the frequency-modulatedaudio conveys transmitter information back to the receiver. Alsoavailable is an external mute switch jack.

The AEW-T1000 UniPak transmitter offers features such as a recesseddual-impedance 4-pin locking connector, durable metal body, soft-touchcontrols with sliding cover and an input level that is adjustable in2dB increments. The AEW-T1000 UniPak transmitter operates on two1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries with a life of approximately eight hours(high) to 10 hours (low), depending on battery type/use pattern.Measuring 2.60x3.43x0.94 inches, the AEW-T1000 has a net weight(without batteries) of 4.4 ounces. The system is compatible with theentire line of Audio-Technica Wireless Essentials™accessories.

In addition, Audio-Technica Artist Elite 5000 Series WirelessSystems are available with a choice of two condenser and two dynamichandheld Artist Elite mic/transmitters.

The Audio-Technica AEW-5111 system (AEW-R5200 dual receiver and twoAEW-T1000 UniPak transmitters) has an MSRP of $3,119. The MSRP for theAT899cW and AT899cW-TH (theater model) microphones is $199/each.

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