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THE AUDIO KR SERIESAugust 2003—The modular KR Series of large-diaphragm studio microphones from T.H.E. Audio (Taylor Hohendahl Engineering) comprises 5/14/2004 8:00 AM Eastern

February 2007—BS-3D Binaural Spheres from T.H.E. ($2,648, are made of wood and come in golden-oak and black-walnut finishes. Each one is individually handcrafted by Bud Poulin. T.H.E. incorporates its patented preamps and matches the two omni capsules for frequency response and output. The BS-3D is designed to produce excellent phase cohesion for a stereo sound that translates to a stereo or mono mix. Each sphere has a 5-pin male XLR connector, and each mic ships with a 6.5-foot cable (custom lengths are available) with a 5-pin XLR on one end and two 3-pin XLRs on the other.

October 2005—T.H.E. Audio has combined its finest electronics with a smooth-sounding, 16mm true condenser capsule. The result is a product tailored for live stage vocals. The KS-1—with its solid feel and mass; smooth, clean output; and competitive price point—sets the standard for all of the new (wired) vocal systems currently in use. Price: $429.

October 2005—Our KR-50 capsule is a new addition to our modular line based on the KA-04 mic body. Using the same technology as our “flat and open” cardioid 25mm capsule series (KR-25A), we have made an omnidirectional capsule that adds a great new audio palette to your studio. Price: $598.

October 2005—T.H.E. is now offering a unibody (non-modular) series of cardioid and omnidirectional mics that are economically priced yet packed with features. Using our patented electronics and a new capsule design, we offer these small, true condensers to studio owners, musicians and recordists everywhere. High-speed, smooth-sounding and (hand-) built to last, our CR Series offers tools that will add a new level of enjoyment to your recording and playing. Price: $348.

August 2003—The modular KR Series of large-diaphragm studio microphones from T.H.E. Audio (Taylor Hohendahl Engineering) comprises the KA-04 body ($398), a modular preamp assembly that accepts a wide range of various application-oriented capsules, including the new KR-25A ($568) and KR-33A ($633). The latter, a 33mm-diameter capsule, offers slightly more sensitivity and maximum SPL handling than the KR-25A. The newly redesigned KR Series also incorporates a new compound membrane, housing and mic mounting in what the company calls its most complete recording tool.

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