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Ensuring a total audio club experience outdoors, Colombia's Mission Productions, owner of close to 400 assorted Martin Line Arrays and W8 variants, provided sound for the DJ/dance/concert 1/05/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

Ensuring a total audio club experience outdoors, Colombia's MissionProductions, owner of close to 400 assorted Martin Line Arrays and W8variants, provided sound for the DJ/dance/concert event starring DJCarl Cox in a ranch outside of Cali, Colombia. Mission came up with newways to manipulate sound with the TiMax ImageMaker16 audio imagingmatrix, which is essentially a surround processor that doesn't requireprogram information to be pre-programmed on a disk.

Austen Derek of Aurateq Systems in New York and Dave Haydon of OutBoard in London (TiMax) used an 8-channel Surround system comprising 32Martin Audio Wavefront 8 Compacts in eight stacks and 64 WSX subsarranged in four blocks at the corners of the site. The W8Cs wereprocessed by XTA, with TiMax used to create L/R images for the main mixwith eight surround images and a “scatter-delay” syntheticimage for overhead effects.

The two stacks per side of the site (four total) were divided intotwo channels each for delay imaging purposes, with the whole thingcontrolled by 12 channels of TiMax and two channels for front and rearsubs, which were left undelayed. The smooth distribution of deeplow-end content was assisted by slightly cross-firing the two rear bassstacks to help minimize standing wave interaction with the 32front-firing subs in front of the stage.

Maximum stereo coverage was achieved with Martin W8Cs that wereassigned as alternate left/right pairs across the front and down thesides and rear of the site, ensuring any two adjacent stacks wereproviding a stereo mix. TiMax was used to add subtle rotating mixeffects, triggered from a MIDI keyboard at various breakdown sectionsof the mix, while the system was left to just run in solid multichannelstereo for the main beat content.

To open the DJ’s set, TiMax “flew in” Carl Coxwith a helicopter sample that literally shuddered around the site,followed by the artist rising slowly out of the stage on a scissorlift.

According to Derek, “I love the sound of the boxes. A lot ofengineers and production people down in South America say, ‘Oh,they have that typical Brit sound,” and sometimes it takes awhileto get them comfortable with Martin [systems] if they haven’tused the boxes before, but now these guys are flipping out about howgreat they sound. The Martin W8L is also the fastest-flying line arraysound system without a whole bunch of gadgets you need to keep trackof. Everything is self-contained.

“Mission’s production manager Rolli Garbalosa has workedwith Martin Audio products before and enjoyed successful events. Herecently used 40 W8L line array cabinets per side with three delaytowers of eight each W8L line array speakers for Vincente and AlejandroFernandez, and he was completely blown away. There were over 75,000people in attendance at this stadium.”

In the future, Aurateq will be collaborating with MissionProductions for pop, rock and other types of large-scale live toursthrough Colombia and other Latin American countries, with plans to addanother complete FOH system in the coming months.

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