BSS SB2 Omnidrive Control Software

BSS Audio has released its new core control software (Windows 2000/XP) for the Omnidrive FDS-366 known as SB2. 2/18/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

BSS Audio has released its new core control software (Windows2000/XP), known as SB2, for the Omnidrive FDS-366. The new softwareallows simultaneous control of multiple units in individual windows andthe ability to create custom windows to control discrete functionseither individually or as a group of units.

Liverpool's Adlib Audio used the software in a live situation duringthe recent David Bowie tour, where the company's Dave Kay (pictured)worked with BSS software engineer Graham Hammell to finally“tweak” the software for maximum control. Feature ideas andupdated software were passed back and forth via e-mail so that whereverthe tour was in Europe, the system could always be updated to thelatest version.

Among the enhancements was a specific layout to allow SB2’suse on a wireless tablet PC using a stylus for control, where accuracyof manual entry is critical.

“We believe the 366 is the best processor on the market, andthe new filters and SB2 software have breathed new vitality into theplatform," noted Kay.

Another longtime BSS supporter is Dave Parry, who has installedFDS-366Ts and SB2 at the trendy London club Fabric. Parry plans to addfurther control and sound-mapping capabilities by using the flexibilityof SB2 with a tablet PC, which will allow him to manage the speakersystem remotely on a wireless LAN. With an access point in each of thethree rooms, the club will be able to manipulate the system usingSB2.

SB2 is available as a free download from the BSS Website, For morenew sound reinforcement products, visit

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