Community Pro Now Offers Ulysses Software

According to an agreement reached with IFBSoft (Germany), Community Professional Loudspeakers is now serving as the authorized sales and distribution outlet for Ulysses sound system design/simulation software throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Ulysses creates quick and precise simulations of room acoustics and electroacoustic performance, as well as detailed predictions of how a proposed sound system will function in any given environment.

With the software, SPL and reverberation times are calculated within seven octave bands from 125 to 8,000 Hz. Arrival times, intelligibility, ray-tracing and cluster calculations are made rapidly, while an Auralization feature allows users to hear a reasonable approximation of what a proposed design will sound like using the computer's sound card. The card is priced at $995, which also provides "workgroup" licensing of up to three computers.

A demo copy is available on Community's Website, A free demo CD is also available to potential customers, which comes with all of the same features as the licensed software but cannot save files, print information or import/export EASE files.